The image of the child's development is always lagging behind the self-development of the child.

This is explained simply by the fact that we did not immediately notice the change in mentality, they do not immediately notice the cooling or warming.But it is like a "mechanical" explanation.And most importantly (psychological) explanation lies in the parents' position.Since it is small, it means that less and understand less able, less aware.And the fact that even an embryo does a development much faster than developed fauna and humanity - is not taken into account.And we will respect.The baby is developing rapidly, as growing.Do not have time to get used to the fact that he started to walk, he had already begun to run.Hence - the significant limitations.After all, we are afraid that something might have happened.

And it turns out that

CHILD WE stuffed in infancy.


This mom does it with great zeal.And what are the consequences?The first consequence - underdevelopment.The girl would have been embroidering, and my mother is afraid to give it to her needle and sc

issors.And she continues not to embroider ... Second, and this is important tozhe- children themselves are torn to more difficult (and dangerous) activities.But, deprived of moral support and training they poluchayuttaki injury: punctures, "cut" his fingers, falling down the stairs and out of their chairs, burned ... And it would still be nothing.Parent expressed their inhibitions often very authoritarian and ceases to be authority for them, and only the despot, which prohibits to explore the world.They snap, they come with their parents in the conflict.How to be?

We must create the conditions for this self-development and at the same time, foresee and prevent the danger.

Moreover, we need a double margin of safety for the child.I'm not going to be an encyclopedia of his tips, but the most probable thing is still specified.

Suppose the child drew a stool.At the back there is a stool, which is at the chair.On it you can climb up on either side.Kate learned: Stop one foot on a stool, has passed;center of gravity, pulled a leg - and all: "I was there."But stool poses a danger.Often the edge of the seat hanging over the floor, and if you stand on the edge of the stool slips out from under his feet and falls, and with it the child.Roar, tears, snot, fear, rejection of further action.Not with Katya.Because I seemed to her advance on the mechanism of such a fall.I put her foot on the edge .. Practicing for insurance."He ordered" her to her feet, turned up a stool and flew away, Kate hung on my hands.Two such sessions, and Katya realized: foot should be put back in the center, away from the edge, and then prevented from falling..A fall from a stool - hurt.And the note itself, not just on the floor, and a stool, and she still has a leg ... But, having mastered the stool, Kate proudly looks at each "Climbing" on it, like a climber on the top of the mountain conquered.

on a stool - not sway

doors.Please note, the child goes straight to the door as mom and dad.But if someone comes and opens the door to the outside, then an adult, predicting it, time is suspended.A child may hit the door, knock, dumbfound, scare.Someone of adults accidentally moved the door, and she moved on the child ... So Kate have not sent directly to the door, and stands next to her.And proudly looks at us: you see, I got right.

The elevator Katya will enter without an adult.One day - natural experiment turned out - I'm with her stuck in the elevator: negotiations with the dispatcher, fuss release.Vela calm.But further one in the elevator no longer seeks.

Matches.Kate knows that if light a match, then it is easy to get burned.Because I brought it with my finger her finger at the same distance to the burning match.I realized that hot.Closer - hot.Even closer - she had said "no", although it was a finger next to my thumb.We had to arrange it, and a small fire on baking sheet.Now the matches it plays like sticks makes them letters glues clay are different designs, but the desire itself is not light a match.In any case, we are always on the lookout in this regard.But the self-conscious she is ready.

Door gap.How much misery they have brought the children, and some adults.But the child needs and freedom, and therefore, self-discipline.Well, first of all, when only the first steps along the wall - and the door, too stenochka - we all doors fixed hooks and various other devices so that they are opened and closed in no way except by the will of adults.When Katya began to assimilate and speak words and phrases that I spent with her "paltsespasitelnye" conversation.He showed the door may break pencil, twig, wand.Then he put his fingers into the gap and showed that the door votvot break my fingers.Kate cried sympathetically, it is not necessary that she already knew.Yet sometimes I see that care is reduced, then again I spend "paltsespasitelnuyu" conversation with the show ...

Teapot need to take with both hands, one on the handle, the other for the bottom of a tissue or of the spout - is not hot and comfortable.It is necessary to teach the child to check the lid - lock that was directed posteriorly.

Often a cup of tea too hot.You can chutchut pour into another bowl.It will not be so hot.Then another chutchut pour.Such fractional ostuzhivanie security guarantee.

for electricity and especially all gas stove should be kept away from the edge.Beside her chair so the child could not come close to the plate.But the older child can move the chair.Then it is necessary to carefully monitor.