You asked the child before its birth , if he wants to come to light ?no?We have not asked ?

Well, he was not able to answer.Toto's it.Only then do not forget that it is you and only you are responsible for its occurrence.And if you agree with Antoine de SentEkzyuperi that we are responsible for it, tamed, then for the one who was removed from the non-existence in its gentle embrace, we answer a hundred times ... Mom puts on airs: all shows in the window at the hospitalReview kulechek where diapered cams.Nothing, he later even show them to you, if you keep it in captivity diapers and diapers.And then, you still keep it in the moral slavery: Draw on the walls do not, do not take a pair of scissors.It requires freedom.

All concerns.Mothers and fathers who, for twenty-five, then thirty-five.Babushekdedushek that forty - fifty.And if my grandmother had once nedovospitala your child by example, it may be, will these lines docheryamsynovyam their parents vnukovvnuchek?And together they will correct the matter?

Someone will say, they say, your Kate - four.And what about the ten years of "Red Chief" .

.. Not in order ukolaukora, and in order compassionate sobs to say that it was necessary to do everything so kakya said, and the age of three, and in the age of three months.And even in the "minustrehmesyachnom age" (remember the father's hands on his belly pregnant wife?).But koechto can be taken in the transition 3-4 years.Only then you will have to step on the throat of his own song, in relation to your child's relationships among peers."Do not be friends with her, she is from a poor family.""Do not lead us into the house - even steal anything should."Do not be friends?Do not drive?And you as parents have done anything should to expand and improve the range, from which the teenager might choose friends?Not done, you do not even think?Well, think and do.

I have given many examples of the logic of language Katya.But taken and give other children.One girl reproachfully: if the "sleeping", then "spyu", and if "sleep", the "splish".A boy of five years, "go with an ax."Well, because if the cut - from the "Saw" from the "ax" - an ax.Children three to four years, as I have already explained, I learned logic, but has not yet learned alogisms.But in ten years, the children talk like this: