In the process of work a person sees a lot of changes as he makes them.

Labour in the annex to the clay gives a particularly large changes in the subject, which we have in the modeling.It appears figure, crushed - can make another.Again, I did not like - the third.The figure changing proportions ubiraempribavlyaem details ...

So - clay is why I clung to the clay rather than to other plastics?Plasticine, dough, bread ... You can use them if you do not have clay.But clay - it is certainly is not something that

clay.When sculpting immediately revealed a significant difference.First, the clay dries up - and once it is like a finished product.Second, the clay takes on the hardness of stone, though very fragile.Third, the clay can be painted, while it absorbs the paint and becomes the color that you want to obtain.* Fourthly clay very much.And you can mold large mold, even very large.In this sense, it is preferable to all plastics (dough we mentioned), who - between the clay and plasticine.And it is really a romantic argument according to the legend, God made Adam out of clay,

not from the same clay ... So long live the clay

first need to get the clay.Often black - nothing, then you can paint.A common - orange - even better, but you can still paint.Dig a hole a little deeper baby, and at the bottom - there is clay.So we in the black earth Big pockmarked.And maybe, like us at the dacha outside Moscow, clay - just under your feet.

of clay is done, for example, with the birds.There are added twigs and straw or hay.Nests Kate saw in the trees.Birds have not shunned and feared.We attached the nest from clay with straw and twigs vines on trehlapy powerful branches of apple trees.,

Birds settled no worse in them than in the birdhouse.After the bird can use an empty hollow.And why's Nest?And because it is taking care of our smaller brothers.Right and feel that we are grateful to the birds - they were so happy there and Yuri settle.And because at the same time is to protect apple trees from insect larvae - birds clean garden.The child joyfully because of his work went straight for the benefit of God's creatures, and not just "blindly and threw."The important thing in the upbringing of creativity and kindness.

From clay to sculpt candlesticks.Grottoes different with little windows.Quite simply, it is not necessary or even samples of book reproductions.And put svechechkatabletka grotto, of which many different types of stores "Ikea".Or svechechki also do ourselves.Adding to the "infrastructure" of the grotto stones, and before that collect them on the road.Any stones go into the matter: soft limestone, granite hard on tooth - all amiss.A larger stone - cobbles with kilo - put into the ground, and put him svechkutabletku and will be around a lot of smaller stones.Stones can be varnished - they start bleu ASIC stone uyurom, n not like tinsel.I'm not here preaching arts and crafts.And second, that the beauty - useless, only to admire, and the application to use it - a child can do himself.

Drawing ... ballpoint pen if (only skate to the ball well inside the bar), plain or colored pencils (preferably with a soft lead).All means are good but dangerous.Especially important are the paint.

first child draws a line, separate and next, fills the space.No, this is not some text.This exercise training.The hand becomes harder line - exactly.That appear in the "figure" corners.And then circles, spirals.I sometimes that's all ride.And sometimes he begin to paint the corners, circles, spirals.I do not say: do as I do.Kate sees itself quickly copies the movement and self-develops further.In drawing the teachers have their own tricks.Draw the outline of the fish and the child pririsovyvaet scales.Probably, it is possible and so.But you can give freedom to be creative.It's just better to do in the family home.Indeed, in developing children's mug teacher transfers his skills a child - and that several binds his self-development.Let so and so will be.We Katya drive development center in "Rainbow".They teach crafts.From cones to make gnome.His beard made of cotton, the legs - thorns, plasticine beads for eyes.I act differently.Go collect cones.They brought home.What would you make of them?Katia says:

- Let's make a tree ...

- What?

- Just ...

Katya links (I just help implement the plan) three cones together, heads up.It puts them as a tripod.Then he makes even a tripod and puts it at first.Elka has not yet received.I suggest: maybe take a smaller bumps.Sopit connects small bumps, put them on the first tripod.Happened.But even smaller - does not find ■ smiling in our catch.I offer my services: let one bump we cut into quarters lengthwise.

- I can not.

- Well, maybe I ...

- Why do not you ...

I make the cut, but suspended.Kate guesses about my conception:

No need to finish.

I accept her offer and make the second cut is also not up to the shock.This nedorezanny bumps Katya set up on top of buildings ... ur tree.

child's creativity - leading start ...

A putting some of the matches of letters, houses, animals, birds - is entirely Catino invention (of course, of course, she invented pssgonavsego bike, but in fact itself).With two years of decreases Katya well that game with matches dangerous.And when she reached for the matches, we Lena tightened in three years.Kate reassured:

- I do not zazhёgannye match.

and began to make of them a letter.We have helped.Cracked a few matches.They went into business for the construction of letters.In all this, it is important that GENERATOR OF IDEAS - child, and parents only help in the selection of hardware and only.

Matches see, whether pencils, stones, paint? .. Gouache paint, watercolor, oil ... I help dilute the paint, teach her to take "on chutchut" tip of the brush, well, maybe, advise to keep the brush like a pencil... And what line of conduct, which draw patterns, how to portray favorite animal - it's Kate decides she ...

draw interesting where it is impossible ... on the walls, on the doors, "on the floor ... You can not - if the mainadult dead thing -. floor, walls, doors and it is possible - if the parent importantly -. living creativity of the child we Katya everything is possible and creativity is alive on the floor linoleum appear color spots, dotted lines, Princess, devils wall space...under the window in the kitchen - the space with stars, the moon, the stars doll Lucy, separate tail Gela (and it is a Rottweiler, and you know, the tail alone in space as the comet's tail) Creativity is contagious So instead of saying "let's do it," I just..starting to do. Sit down, soak the brush, without saying a word, gouache breed and spend the first line under the windowsill ... Kate could not allow me to do my will.It works its will.It requires brush paints.I like Tom Sawyer: and ate the apple, and the fence painted.

Alain, a midwife, who became to us a relative - a good psychologist (not only good health worker).And when taking birth, and now that we are continuing with it

communication and consultation with her.She told us one day: the child must be able to be alone.Alain did not read Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky, but expressed at the level of everyday common sense similar thoughts.Piaget spoke of the autistic child's thinking.No one but the child speaks as if to himself.According to Piaget, is autism - a recess.Vygotsky also interpreted it as a child's dialogue with itself.Alain advised: Give your child the opportunity to self-development.And we give Kate the opportunity.

But not only the monologues.NoNo, and dialogues.We encourage stories Katy about different subjects seen it.And:

- You know the tale of the stupid mole.When he planted a mole in the pelvis, and then released ... but all Mole kopaetkopaet and does not want to leave.

- One time my mother and I ...

We write to Katie verses.Kate loves the cat.Our cats do not have nicknames.The cat and the cat.But Katya worships in a cat soul.And in the age of two, Kate received a gift in the form of a poem.All will not give, but the two couplets turned out quite decent.So ...

cat thinks, "Who is it sticks to my cats."

jumping from a running start on the sofa Imurlybku gives you.

Katya learned this poem, and when going to the gymnastics, I begin:

cat thinks: ...

Katia continues:


sticks to my cats.

She slowly begins stihotvornichat:

What is that sound?Hammer knocks - tuktuk.

it yourself.But with my help feasible ...

lies quietly our kitty.Suddenly stir rat somewhere.

Kitties have pricked ears: above her giggling frog.

We record on the VCR cartoons.Always worth a cassette at the spot where the previous recording ended.And as soon as our screen, Russian cartoon, Katia running towards us:

- Write.

Or even she puts on record.Voobscheto we are trying to record from the beginning, if you can track down the right for television programs.Russian cartoons for better aesthetics and morality.That turn ... do not know the name of who is the director, but I can see - well, I expect - a good end.Do not mistake.The style of our film.Katya our movies in style defines."This is disgusting," - the American cartoon.No, Mark Twain - our grandfather, Astrid Lindgren - our grandmother.A cartoon in which only move his lips, and his eyes were empty, dead, still - it's not ours.

Kakto we recorded from the middle of a cartoon.It kind penguin asked "pyngvyna" thick and clumsy, which our penguin made a lot of services to hold his egg as he catches fish for food.I caught brought pyngvynu.And that turns out to be an egg dropped our penguin and it has sunk in the sea.But fear stole pyngvyna remnants of conscience, and he gave our penguin instead of eggs harvested stone, like the egg.When all pingvinyata hatched and grown, our penguin with stone went all out to sea and drowned with a stone - he saved his "unhatched PENGUIN".

Katya, who is always concerned about the salvation of ladybugs, frogs and other animals, crying.These tears Kati - the best compliment to the director and the artists.Praise and us with Lena as the selection of the cartoons we provide.

But we want to Katya has done more intense moral self-development.We finished a little cartoons and fairy tales written."Black Hen" and "The White Poodle"."Thumbelina" and "Cinderella" ... All of this, of course, ours.But this unmodern material.They have not all that we need.In addition, we need to tale invented ourselves together with Kate, a story that is needed it is her tale to her and actually

about it.It is important, and it is most important that in the context of the tales included our own experiences.

Here is one of them.It is called "everything is, but nobody".

Once there was a girl, whose name was Kate ... HUB Zone, also kakitebya.You're not the only one in the world Katya.There is Katie.So.} This was Katja girl capricious.Toys scatters, my mother refused to help.I want this toy - and the entire store up such a roar, that all men are thrown to buy what they were not.And only looked at Katya.And I thought: what is this girl so beautiful, like a Goldilocks, and mom and dad are good at it, and she was crying.And once, when Julia, the daughter of my mother's friend Nadia came to visit her, Kate did not let her play ball - it's been a ball for gymnastics.But Julia's why they wanted to play.

And Katya woke up one day.She thought it was a home.And in fact it was at home.Only in the house pryamotaki miracles began.It is worth it to think about the doll, which she begged the Pope, that he bought it in a store - and immediately doll sitting beside her.Wanted mermaids, long crocodile-like greens - and the crocodile himself crawling into her mouth.And bolshayaprebolshaya hairy monkey hugging Kate.This toy store was, but my mother could not buy, because the monkey is too expensive cost.Kate shouted:

- Mom, come here and see what a monkey, I like this, you do not bought, and it is with me.

But my mother did not respond.Then Katya called Dad:

- Dad, look what the monkey, Mom did not want me to buy her, and she ran to me.

But Dad had happened to kudato.Silent and usually responds immediately.Katya in one room to another - no.Toys lot.And there are no people.And even father and mother there.Katya went to the kitchen.There's a lot of all yummy.She opened the refrigerator, took chupachups.Then I cut a piece of ham.Again she called:

- Mom.Dad.Woman.Esja.

But her response was complete silence.Katya very frightened.It turned out that everything is there, but nobody.Kate was frightened, she began to cry.She did not want to have toys.And mom and dad and even grandma with Ёska - kudato disappeared.So wept Kate, she did not notice how sleep.

woke up.Big hairy obezyanyigrushki no doll there.And marmeladokkrokodilchikov not.But he hears how the kitchen quietly

something tells TV.This mom is preparing oatmeal.And Dad is sitting at the computer and adds the article.Katya relieved.I do not need big toys, if only mom and dad will be home.Kate told her mother that she survived.Mom put her arm around Kate and said, "Yes, and sometimes I got on this island and also skoreyskorey wants to go home."Kate hugged his mother and kissed the Pope called on the phone and called to visit Julia.And then the grandmother came Eskov.And all at once fell into place.Kate tearfully said:

- Let the house be all and let it be nothing, even favorite toys.

- Well, nothing at all - it's you exaggerated, - chimed in dad.- The most favorite toys that you play, - shall abide;and if only more were - that it is not necessary.

After this tale Katya herself came up to us and said:

- I have so many toys and the children in our village is small.Come on, we'll take them.

And that, dear adults.When it is, but no one, it is like you?But if you engage in hoarding, if all the people you either enemies or "accomplices", it's also "all there, but there is no one" ... There is much to ponder

I dare to offer parent and child attention another co-composed with Katyatale.About ant and caterpillar.In Krylov's fable "The Ant and the Grasshopper" Ant edifying and cold.And once we've seen with Kate, like an ant crawling on three paws, and Katya (when she was two and a half) to cry - she felt sorry for ant.And in the four and a half we remembered it, and began to compose a story.Well, here it is ... "Ant and caterpillar."

Zhilbyl ant.One day, he quickly crawled through a straw, do not resist, fell off it and hurt yourself.Solominkato was very high.And it turned out to be three feet hurt.Of the six ... So now he could only crawl very slowly.He was afraid that if will crawl quickly, it will fall again and hurt the other leg.And all his rodstvennikimuravi were at home.So he drags edvaedva and sad: he gets home late.And none of his family could not help him.

Suddenly he saw a number mohnatenkuyu caterpillar.It was big, and she was seventeen feet.Voobscheto them it had to be eighteen.But one leg it hurt zhukrogach.It was long ago, when she was sick, but now she has recovered.

Caterpillar saw our ant and remembered how it was bad.And she felt sorry for ant.

- Where you creep?- I asked the ant caterpillar.

- Yes, that's no way I can get home ... - sadly replied the ant, and his voice trembled.

Caterpillar said:

- Let's get acquainted ... My name Mohnatka.And you what?

- And me ... I can now call Trinozhek ... - continued to experience for themselves the ant.

- you get well, do not worry.Now let me help you.I remember when I was heavy when I felt horn beetle on my leg.

- Yes, - said the ant, - you have been damaged only one leg of the eighteen, and I - and as many as three ... six ...

- Well, I have you on my seventeen feet briskly whisk untilat home.Sit on me.

ant crawled toward her on his back and clung to the villi.The caterpillar crawled quickly.Houses in the anthill was met brothers and sisters.Zaohala, zaahali.Thanks to the good Mohnatku.We treat her and even invited to visit.But soon came a time when she had become a cocoon.And to wrap up, she needed exactly the foot that hurt stag.The caterpillar crawled to the ants.She explained what had happened, and then recovered Trinozhek asked his colleagues to help her.They swarmed on all sides by a caterpillar, it began to roll, and she wraps WSS strings.When the cocoon was ready, the whole gang of ants pulled him to the twig and cemented therein.Time passed, and now departed from the cocoon a beautiful big butterfly.