August 12, 2017 17:51 | Diseases And Pests

disease is always easier to prevent than to cure, so the number one drug in the medicine cabinet for flowers can become a means of soil disinfection as bleach.That it conduct a chemical disinfection of the soil at the slightest suspicion of the possibility of getting into the pathogens.

Bleach.Bleach used to disinfect the soil on garden plots, closing up her rake into the soil at the rate of about 150 g per 1 m2.Perform this action only on soils require liming, in the autumn, as at the time of the active growing season plants may be weakened.

Karbation (vapam) is used for disinfection of the spring open ground before planting.It effectively destroys fungi.Dosage: 250-300 ml of the product / 5L of water per 1 m2.

If no heat (about it was discussed as a means of pest control, and as a means to destroy pathogens other diseases), no chemical disinfectants preventive soil treatment did not help, it is necessary to use other means.But first it is necessary to break and destroy the already affected parts (it

is better to sacrifice the small, than to lose the whole plant), and then proceed to treatment.

most traditional of the drugs used in the plant, is a Bordeaux mixture.It is obtained from copper sulfate and lime milk (100 g of copper sulfate is dissolved and topped up to 100 g and dissolved n strained quicklime, then the volume of the solution was adjusted to 10 liters of water).Most often it has become ready.Bordeaux mixture is used for the control of most of fungal diseases.Typically, plant sprayed with a 1% solution, and in the open field in the fall, and the flowers can be treated with a solution of 5% (against powdery mildew).In addition to powdery mildew, Bordeaux mixture is used to control almost all fungal diseases: rust, brown rot, blotch, Fusarium, etc.

Nitrafen applied primarily against the causative agents of viral and bacterial diseases, it uses 2 - 3% solution, may be effective against fungi and:. mildew, etc., in this case using 1% solution.

ferrous sulfate (crystalline salt or powder) is applied against the causative agents of viral and bacterial diseases (3 - 10% solution) and against fungi: mildew, etc. - 4 5% solution..

Ftalan (50% powder) is used as an analog of liquid Bordeaux.Concentrations - 30-40 g / l.

DNOC (dinitroortokrezil) - A 1 - 2% solution against mildew.

Granosan (powder) is used to etch bulbs and corms.Dusted them after storage in solution or rogora keltan or kept in a 0.25% solution.

Rogor used to etch bulbs and corms in a 0.1-0.2% solution.

keltan applied for protection from parasitic fungi, and some pests.0.1-0.2% solution is used for irrigation.

TMTD (tetramethyl-thiuram disulphide) is used against gray mold in the form of a suspension of 0.6% used for irrigation under the root, only the industrial greenhouse or field grown flowers.Application on garden plots (and even more so - in the rooms) are not allowed.Sometimes it is used for pickling onions (dry - for pollination).

Figon - 0.2% solution is applied against fungal diseases, especially against powdery mildew.

Lecithin (spray) - an anti-mildew.

Soda ash is used against powdery mildew in a concentration of 0.5%.It can be used in conjunction with a soap solution.

Copper-liquid soap is prepared by dissolving the basis of soap solution (see.) Of copper sulfate (also pre-dissolved separately in an enamel pot) at a concentration of 0.25% on a dry basis.The mixture can also add a bit of detergent such as "Lotus".

colloidal sulfur (powder).1.0 - 1.5% of powdered sulfur slurry used against powdery mildew.

copper oxychloride (90% wettable powder) for its intended purpose - an analog of liquid Bordeaux.Dosage: 30-50 grams per 10 liters of water.Sredneyadovit.

oksihom - analogue copper oxychloride.Use for treating plants with a solution of 0.2% (20 g / 10L).

Kuprozan used against black spot in a 0.3-0.4% solution.

fundazol - systemic fungicide (ie tool specifically designed for the destruction of fungi).It is used for the treatment of (0.15 - 0.2%), and for the protection of plants (0.05 - 0.1% solution).

Benlat and Zuparov used against botrytis: the plants are sprayed with 0.15 - 0.2% solution with a periodicity of 3 - 5 days before the disappearance of plaque.

pesticides substitutes of natural origin

infusion of ash - is most often used against powdery mildew.Ash (200 g / l 10) is soaked for 5 days and filtered.

Infusion Mullein - 1kg Mullein stirred into 10 liters of water and kept for at least a day.Used against powdery mildew.

Infusion of marigold - 500 grams of dried green mass pour 10 liters of warm water and insist for about 12 hours.It is used against many fungal diseases.