Personal development of the child

of the parents are not interested in the problem of development of the child ... Everyone rushed in search of developing commercial kindergartens and schools.Demand and supply responds.Many of them appeared ... "developing."But it was too expensive they are.Available in a small number of mostly parents.And if self-seeking always the quality?

It's my eternal doubt in everything.NoNo, let us develop the educational and child care facilities.But ... do not forget the basic truth that recently realized and teachers.The main thing - it's self-development of the child.And there, in the self-development, parents can play a significant role, and completely free.

Personal development of the child is shown not least in the language.

I noticed that all the children quickly learn the language of logic and build words in accordance with it.But they have not memorized all exceptions.That Esperanto - there are no exceptions.Assimilate roots, suffixes, prefixes, flexion.6 And the rules of connection between words.And

this whole language.So that the children all their psychological essence approve the principle of Dr. Esperanto Ludwik Zamenhof.And the exception - it is so long to remember.Interesting creative things are obtained from the use of word formation rules and not knowing it is wrong.Naturally, we all noticed it for our Cathay.Because they themselves are interesting, I will give them a little more.I recall that when this book was written, Kate was about four.But sometimes I'll clarify age.

There have been variations of discharge encountered in school students.The options that can be considered errors, but logically justified.

- Let's go to the forest for wolves (of course, if the wolves, that "for the wolves").

- lёdu And you can go?

- Small rake clean.

Often Kate uses the word in accordance with the apparent word formation, but obviously with deviations from the form adopted in the language.

- Semyaty.(By analogy with the "five", but from the word «seven».)

- Hodenie.

- Stick the vine - is pomozhenie.

- Dad Let's Gel kartoshnye patties.

- Gela - a dog, it is not lyud.

- She probably Sona sonyatsya that it catches mice.

- Mom, you go for the very beteyami.(I explain:. BTI - Bureau of Technical Inventory We waited for its representatives for examination among themselves all the time we said betei, betei ... Kate decided to stimulate the mother thought that this word is leaning, and declined in the plural..).

- It is necessary to poketchupit (similar to salt).There were these neologisms.

- I want to drink, but we did not buy napitsiyu.

- Mom muhoboila (ie beat flies flyswatter).

- I want the hand (ie working with a brush).

- See what obduvanchik.

- Let's get to the forest bezhkom.

- Oh, what loshadyatka ...

- In raven voronchata.

- Ants live in the forest.Then they lesovki.

- Ikeevaya a plate (a plate, which is bought in "IKEA" store).

- We must not add a otbavit.

- This bar of soap is made from milk kofeёchnogo (color it resembled a coffee with milk).

- I'm not in the darkness, I in light.

- Look, what I silnost.

Stand out arguments about the origin of words.They are often mistaken.And at the same time evident that the explanation is wrong, but it has some foundation.

- Field Mouse - a mouse, which is watered.

- Confusing full of it, does not understand anything.

- Chanterelle Mushrooms are so called because they are growing in the forest (Katya not distinguish by ear heard "lesichki").

I gave a lot of examples of word creation Katya.First, it is interesting just by itself as a picture of children's thinking.We treat as we look to each instance of "From two to five" Korney Chukovsky.But more important than another.Sometimes the parents are angry at the wrong, correct the child.Rather than admire the beauty - the freedom of the Russian language and to support children's fantaziyu.Ya de

barking so.Kate explain why she said that Gela not lyud.It's simple: people - a lot, lyud, in its logic, one person.I report that in the Russian language does not say "lyud" and say "man", say "people," but do not say "man".The question "why?" Is responsible, so that supposedly happened.But Katya computer fix what she said "lyud".It remembers it, first of all, as a fact of his word creation.And as the history of their child's development, so that was something to remember.But most importantly, it penetrates the complexity of the Russian language is beginning to understand the subtleties of word formation.We encourage the creation of new words.And notes that Kate is engaged them with gusto.It is free to express thoughts.She has a lot of opportunities.You can "man" and we can "lyud".It should not be lost.This - the basis of creativity.Mayakovsky has the word "oglaz" (instead of "scans").In psychology, there is the word "personal" (property of the person to be a person), and in no dictionary.Now, when I wrote the word, the computer has emphasized its red line, they say, a mistake.And Katina "silnost" underlined and "bezhkom» ...

uncomplicated child's thinking makes it naivnomudrym. "Kate sees these logical fallacies, by which I, for one, clearly would have passed. That is a good song from the cartoon on the story of Eduard Uspensky.

t- ice on the river had not frozen over, if only, if only, if only - this song Kate three and a half:.. - And as the ice can freeze water can freeze into ice revratitsya And ice - how can freeze.?Here it is - pure logic and adults would not think usomsya Pena explained Kate about "yesterday", "today", "tomorrow" and "pozavtra" Speaking of "the day after tomorrow," Lena meant as: e. we are one.the day that comes after tomorrow K.atya: -. And then the next day - it's also the day after tomorrow ... I Had nowhere to go it vsedni after tomorrow - this after "tomorrow" Then Lena tried to build on the success she remembered...the word "day before yesterday" And again:. the day before - we usually have in mind that this is a day that preceded

to yesterday.Kate, by analogy with the "day after" judged so."The day before yesterday" - is any day that was until yesterday, and not only directly preceded it.It took some of our efforts to Katya realized that in our usual language "day after tomorrow" - this one day and "the day before yesterday" - it is one day.Katina logic was "surprised" by such an understanding.Its expansion and contraction of our improved vision of her words in the world.

Thinking after going on about are full reality.Katya never misses an opportunity."Cork", according to her ideas - this is where a lot of cars.And she concludes:

- And when we go, the tube increases also because of our car.We, too - the cork.

Once Kate put her hand in a glass of water.Glass small, and the water rose to the edge of the cup.Kate asked why.Mama Lena:

- Dad, explain why.

I wondered how to explain to Kate was understandable.Kate explained very well:

- Hand strong, and the water it gives way.

«Water gives way to hand, because a strong hand" - I did not come up with.I started to speak anything should like, water is the volume of the hand has a volume.But it would be incomprehensible to the child and not on the case.And Katie - it is clear even to an adult, and in the case.

Like every child, Kate loves the word why.It is common for it is a global issue and is sometimes replaced by the word WHY, and sometimes - it's ... write and psychologists and children's authors about the fact that you need patience to those "why".And you need to patiently explain.Even if it is reused.Child recheck yourself and parent explanation.

But "why" can be heard in her, and menacing.That suggests to me to put on the wrong gallstuk and this one.I object.And Kate so demanding:

- A Pocci?

have to long to explain what people think: something to chemuto fits and something - no.

And having learned that in clothes with something chemto must match Katya meticulously comprehends:

- So Blue shoes to a blue ribbon, a white collar and white socks.

I stand out from the mass of words of Russian words such as In general, ALL the way, of course ... and the like.They are very important for the coherent speech, for its smoothness, for conversion to speech drier linguistic forms.

wonder how the child learns not just words, namely verbal turnover.

- You, Dad, by the way, do not hang here.(It's not there, I hung a shirt, and she fell.)

- I mean ...

- I'll tell you one thing ...

- Dad, can you imagine ...

word word, butthe Bible says that in the beginning was the Word.In my opinion - it is said to be witty.And psychologists mnyat that at first it was the case and that the words of the joint service business.But it is also to be witty - what's the difference ... A child develops in the action plan.And that self-development is also very interesting.But here, I will not sistemosozidatelem and pulled into the conversation the fact that I consider the most important worldly.

And the most interesting, in my opinion, are the problems of mobility and elimination of child awkwardness.For example, the child draws from some political heap of clothes right thing.And other unnecessary things to him pulled out and falling.I taught Kate rag to pull the right thing up, not to the side, and unnecessary things will not fall.

There are actions not dangerous, but the child looks for themselves and for others as awkward.Thus formed schizoid actions.Of course, the schizoid - the mind of the Earth, but they are hampered by a motor clumsiness.The schizoid can be seen including a manual action aborted.Let me remind you that the activity should be spread out on the action, action on the motion, movement - into separate muscle contractions.Elaborate, rehearse each element.And connect the right combination: muscle contractions - in motion, movement - in action, action - in the activities.Kate Two and a half years.In a village called Much romantichnokrestyanskim speckled (I have already mentioned and will mention again and again) in our family have a home.In this house a staircase with steps three times

more than usual.Therefore, we are learning so.Hands rely on the second rung from the ground.The foot is moved to the middle of the first stage.Then the body with its center of gravity moves to the foot.Then he pulled the second leg.The procedure is repeated.Now the hand is based on the third level, the stop is moved to the second stage.Well, and so on. D. On the side near the railing, I built another "railing" of obpilennyh rough trunks of poplars (so beautiful).The trunks, okay, I seriously hooked.And they were to support Katie.Then they remained only as a decorative plant.

«Motor clumsiness" only partly genetically defined, and it is still being formed.Parents awkward, can not teach, and the child develops a schizoid to motor clumsiness.I have already said that the schizoid - it is just a person who has not learned to act.And we have to teach the child.If you consider yourself to be schizoid people, then a lesson themselves, and then transfer the acquired skills to the child.

Motor agility is particularly well developed in the process of communicating with the child's clay.I misspoke when he said, "Communication".Clay alive.It changes its shape under the hands of man.Well, baby ...

labor created man, say many philosophers.Why do they say?My understanding is.This is an animal, what would any intelligent, watches independently by the changes of subjects relating these changes to each other, aware of these connections, right, then say so and the animal.But this change is not enough.The sun rises and rises.Spring gives way to summer.Well, something else.Leaves appear and fall ...