Flowers and interior

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Flowers And Interior

How much has been said about how to select a collection of colors, make them feel comfortable in the rooms, and in what capacities they can grow.Of course, the microclimate of the plant demands more than important, but we start because we have them in the first place, so that they delighted us, and therefore the aesthetic principle of placing them in the house should go immediately for microclimate.

is most important to ensure that the plants are in harmony with the interior as a whole: with the size of apartments, painting the walls, the type and color of the furniture.Universal tips are not (it all depends on your taste), but still a few recommendations can be given.

• Sophisticated plant composition always looks more attractive than their disorderly arrangement on a windowsill.You can combine plants in decorative band on a combination of shapes and colors of leaves and flowers as special supports, and on the windowsill.The individual items (often kadochnye plants) are used for the so-called solitern

oy (single) arrangement, when the plant, regardless of everything else becomes the center of attention: small tree near the wall can look no less magnificently than a whole battery of small pots of flowers.However, at least it will look spectacular and single basket plant, hanging on a wall in decorative pots.

• In rooms furnished odnostilnoy furniture with clean lines, it is better to place a small number of large plants soliternyh;then the situation begins to serve as background plants, and they, in turn, mitigate the impression of the interior.

• If the furniture in the room is not uniform in style, lots of green environment can give internal unity and draw attention to themselves.Very good in such cases appear florarii with artificial lighting, which can be positioned almost anywhere in the room, and vines.

• Pots and containers for plants and you can pick up so that they blend with furniture, and so that they contrast with it.Of course, if you want to emphasize in the environment is on the plants is better to choose colorful pots or pots, but do not allow at the same time unnecessary medley: let them possible will be the same color with any further individual catchy parts (eg, shade).

• For the plant would be better if on the windowsill undersized specimens will be located closer to the glass, and the tall - at the edge of the window sill, but then the first will be eclipsed by the viewer.To avoid this, it is best just not to overload their windowsill.

• If the wallpaper or mottled with a strong pattern, hang-downing plants with small leaves "lost" against the background of the walls, but the large leaves will stand out perfectly.

• In rooms with low ceilings, tall plants are best put on the floor or on a low stand.

• bright flowers and leaves look better on a dark background, bright - on a light.

And although plants help refresh the air in the room is too large accumulation of man is still not good, especially when it comes to flowers with a strong odor or plants emit volatile.Just their presence is undesirable in the nursery or in the sick person's room.