Girl or boy

boy or girl ... Our current mindset in this regard, what is?Wait for the boy.In the documentary "... And the happiness in his personal life," directed by Vladimir Rytchenkova, a man standing under the windows of the hospital;complains that the daughter was born, "I would be the guy I'd coached him ..." And if a girl was born, the Pa Pa - "bungler".

Where is it?From patriarchy, of course.Feminists must rouse herself.But all that pisses me off.I swear that I was still "a floor" a baby.If only there was a good man.But most child care.Here are waiting for the boy, but "I was a girl ..." And Dad frowns.

In kakomto long-standing performance of the Theater.Moscow City Council in Soviet times in a row the wife gave birth to eight girls and "workers;Peasant daddy "called to them only as" shards ".Well, Dad ...

And when the girl was born after the boy ... All rejoiced him and devochkasestra also had to be pleased.And here occurred the addition of two vectors.And the girl, and the first-born ... * Dual hurt ...

In my opinion, all this kakoeto inhumane folly.

And it was you, a man, as a boy want?I would first ensure equal stake in the hot spots of the son of the worker and the son of an official.And immediately be enrolled in the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers.And why, by the way, there are committees of soldiers 'mothers, but there are no committees of soldiers' fathers?Fathers longer crave bo sors than the mum ...

So when solved all of these problems, you can try to increase the probability of t ... If the birth of a boy in the family already has a girl.Or increase the likelihood of girls born, if the family already has boys ..

But note: in addition to the fact that the "boys" over kill in the hot spots, because they are still themselves stressous less sustainable, which means more and more sickdie.Evidence?On 00 female fetuses prihodit60-70 of nuclei of the male sex.And born to girls only 00 •] 06-07 boys.The "extra" boys die from vnutriut microbial hazards.They have to this hazard is less resistance to stress.

phrase "but keep in mind" - of course, so for polemical;tion of excitement.But to protect the men from unnecessary stress is not no leash.And the hot spots so be smaller.