" Resort " for plants

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Flowers And Interior

There are many different diseases of plants caused by deficiencies and nutrition, and impaired water regime, and pests, and infection.But one of the diseases deserves a separate discussion, and it is logical to think about it is in the placement of plants in the context of the conversation rooms.

Well, if you could pick up a pre-plant, suitable for the conditions in your apartment.And if not?What if in dark rooms is already inhabited by light-loving pets?Do not get rid from them!And what to do if you really want to see next to a flower, very demanding to the light?

just take and put them on the first available space in the room can not be - from a lack of light the plants can develop a particular disease called etiolation.They'll have all the signs of chlorosis, shoots and stalks will pale and unnaturally elongated, leaf blades begin to grow shallow.

pity flower ?!Of course, I'm sorry.But this does not mean that it can not be helped.Methods of Treatment etiolation were invented a long time, only recen

tly in the literature mention of them are extremely rare.As the saying goes, everything is new - is well forgotten old.

Lack of sunlight can be compensated electrically.The greenhouses do not accidentally use powerful lamps with reflectors.But also in the apartment with the help of the most common lamps in the 100 - 200 watt plant can be cured!

The easiest way - to hang with wire flower to the chandelier or lampshade.Unfortunately, it is not suitable for everyone and really only good for ample plants (most of whom are not demanding to light. Or for plants with small dimensions.

rest will help ... a sunny resort.

¬ęSanatorium" doneplywood (cardboard is not too useful, since due to the high humidity it can be deformed, however, because it is possible to make the cover, if used fluorescent lamp instead of incandescent, being able to it to burn). This is a big box of about one meter in length (forproject NM Verzilina - 110 cm), slightly more than half a meter wide (60 cm) and slightly more than a meter in height, with a raised floor openings, the door to the little window and the window in the ceiling (ventilation plant is necessary because the lamp overheat anddesiccate the air). The box painted with a solution of potassium permanganate and varnish, but you can do the usual oil paint. to keep moisture on the bottom put a container with water or a substitute bottom bowls with wet moss.Suffice lamp 150 - 200 watts to diseased plants placed there in less than a month restored a healthy appearance.For preventive purposes should be even less: light-loving plants can be placed there for a day or two, even a few hours in the late afternoon, but regularly (this will save energy).How much time should be in the "sanatorium" healthy, but photophilous plant in a dark room, it can be determined if it relates to short- or long-day species.

Best of all, if the lamp will be used fluorescent ( "daylight") - it does not overheat air."Ready to eat", it can be found in pet stores in the departments for aquarists.

therapeutic effect in a relatively small admission of light occurs because all the light energy does not disappear from the drawer and took out the plant.Therefore, a simplified version - room plants in an aquarium with lamp - needed assistance already diseased plants can not provide: a similar design is rather greenhouse, increases the concentration of humidity, rather than solar sanatorium.

In yuntse all, and easy placement on a windowsill fluorescent tube or the scope of such tubes to protect against the threat of etiolation not yet sick flowers."Sanatorium" becomes really necessary at a time when the symptoms become noticeable.

way, "sanatorium" quickly root cuttings, shade-tolerant plants can bloom for your order, and the seeds germinate regardless of the time of year.

same sanatorium can serve as a perfect technical device - phytotron.