In order not to split up the family ( thoughts after the trial )

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Happy Parents

- Disgraceful!I will complain!Why do I need another three months to think, suffer ?!- Is itself shuts the door young zhenschina.- He, you see, against the divorce ... I do not want to live with him.Four months in the hospital naotdyhalsya, and when he learned that I was the third child waiting umotal to his mom.He betrayed us ... And anyway, I love another man - her voice breaks, spiteful desperation in his eyes.

What is there between them, lived for five years together, happened?Court failed to understand: the plaintiff - in highly excited, the defendant, on the contrary - in a dull silent depression.And three children of all ... Can you hurry up with the decision?

This bench in the court corridor was not empty nor the hour.Twelve cases of divorce was scheduled for a hearing.Exceptional day?No, quite typical for Zelenograd People's Court.City Young ahead of all metropolitan areas in the number of disintegrating marriages.

And from here there was a persistent public voice ,null, actively address the p

roblem of strengthening the family and extend to a year for the sake of the interests of children applied today the people's court of three - a six-month delay for the reconciliation of the spouses when considering divorce cases.

argument?The numbers stored in the family last year 10 out of 40, which in an intelligent, sensitive helped authoritative people at work, 136 of 755 - as a result of the court and the impact of the conciliation commission at the executive committee.

And what is the world in these families - thin or good?

postponed twice the national judge SB Grigorieva decision on the suit for divorce filed in February of last year Tatiana O-ing, and in August, has been dealing with these words: "Go, Igor, buy Tanya flowers and take care of each other."

As their lives, with O-O?Let's look.

Bright light and a smile in the eyes of the young woman met me better than any words told: here agreed.Living, however, a bit crowded."Do not take offense, - explained the madam And the new job Igor loomed the prospect of a separate housing."

not left their life together with her mother in law.Consolation from the painful quarrels Igor found in vodka.Double Tanya went with the child from them in his room.Tolerate drunken husband?No really ..

- When the first delay of three months gave us the judge, I was angry, indignant: "That formalistka!" And once she saw from the window, as Igor and daughter playing in the garden, and this pierced longing ... Butof perseverance on his standing divorce and divorce!Thank you to the judge Svetlana Borisovna - put us both crazy.Now I realize that we could lose, take it to the case formally.No, not with the divorce seven - ten times it is necessary to measure, before cutting.I think it is useful to extend the period for reflection spouses, - concluded the conviction Tanya.

The same opinion was expressed by three other couples to reconcile.

What experts think?Ten years of the national judge SB Grigorieva is a divorce case.

- Stretch conciliatory up to a year?- I think Svetlana Borisovna I think the law should not be changed, and so we're going to delay, if necessary.As a rule, even the first acquaintance with divorcing determines where the thread has broken off and the guy just divorce unnecessary red tape, and where communication, although painful disorders can heal, and the factor of time, of course, will play a positive role.

Haste parsing family matters of any nature at all contraindicated.Even to establish a certain contact with divorcing require some temporal distance.Sometimes it is not immediately grope real sources of contention.And they, alas, there are also very serious.We, the judges are constantly under time pressure and superficial approach can not grasp it.Hence divorce, which could have been avoided.

reasons, breaking the family change.If yesterday in the first place was drinking one of the spouses, today - the betrayal, the loss of the spiritual community.And this, in turn, the deeper aspects of psychological, physiological, moral order, eticheskhoy culture.Often, a family torn apart by conflicts harassing her because of the simple inability of people, especially the young, to build collaborative relationships, the reluctance to overcome the inevitable difficulties in life, some kind of hardship.In such cases itself attending the factor of time is unlikely to save the family from falling apart.Our plaintiffs and defendants often need a reputable, qualified specialists, psychologists, psychotherapists.If before applying for a divorce spouses will visit at the reception of them divorce cases will be less ...

Twenty-one years of marriage behind this pair.An inconspicuous woman in tears, and the extent of internal stresses man.The son in the army, and the house is terminally ill daughter.

Woman: I can not live with it and I will not.I was even close to that person is not in.He has another woman, he was absent for six months at home.Please do not hold your divorce.

Man: I'm against.It settles down ... all my fault, of course.But we have a daughter.To it, the patient is needed, but us?Judge: Do you really dear family?Man: Yes.And I'll try to ... Court defers judgment for three months.Different tests offers each of us lives, requiring courage, sacrifice, the patient struggles with himself ... Otherwise, how to remain human, support sprouts, which gave life?

Children in a divorce - our common pain and trouble.How to reduce, prevent unnecessary losses?What could be improved in the current judicial practice for the sake of preventing hasty, erroneous decisions?Different point of view expressed.Let's look for, think together.