Epiphyllym Hybrid

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Cacti And Other Succulents

Epiphyllym hybrid - a cross between the original form Epiphyllym (cactus from the humid tropics) to Grandiflora saguaro species and its relatives: hylocereus and selenitsereusa.

root system is poorly developed, stems elongate, erect, with a strongly pronounced ribs;Epiphyllym characteristic feature is the presence of "leaves" - leaves-like modified lateral shoots;buds are laid in the areola;flowers up to 20 cm in diameter, in some species resemble the flowers of camellia, while others - have a sharp petals.Active growing season begins in late February.

most common varieties in the room culture "Airora Boreal" - orange flowers;"Walter Haag '- orange flowers;"Venus" - pink flowers;"Time" - flowers are yellowish-white, fragrant;"Gvisep Verdi * - flowers salmon;"Draga Frichova" - pink flowers;"Knebes Liebling - flowers are dark pink;"Kon-Weiss Giant" - fiery red flowers;"Landshaftsma-ler Zerner - white flowers;"Marta Zellner - orange flowers;"Pfersdorfi" - flowers are pale yellow;"Pheasant * - flowers are

dark red;"Frau Selma Knebel- - white flowers.


requirement to moisture: the summer requires some high humidity.Watering regular, except for a period of rest and a period of stagnation.

Temperature: winter temperature in the range 14-16 ° C

Light regime: summer needs a little pritenenii, lighting should be diffused;after flowering, a period of stagnation (15 - 20 days), during which the plant is necessary to provide partial shade.

requirement to the soil: the desired pH - 5.6;optimal ground from the humus of the earth and sand in a ratio of 4: 1 with the addition of bone meal, but does not tolerate alkaline batteries.Positively responds to feeding solutions of fertilizers (especially for cacti or traditional, in half against the usual concentration) during the period of budding and flowering.

Reproduction: cuttings from the apical part of the shoots.

Other features: it is not recommended to rearrange and turn toward the light, especially in the time of budding.