For all those who need to cheer up

Fuchsia strengthens the spirit and gives courage

This plant encourages people to take action.My grandmother, who presented on the seventieth anniversary of fuchsia can be quite some time stun native message that she started learning Spanish, or enrolled in a studio ballroom dancing.Emotional, bright plant involves a person in search of new sensations, awakens the spirit of adventure, gives courage and confidence in their own ability.Near the fuchsia person ceases to analyze the past in search of the causes of today's failure and directs look into the future.The desire to live a busy life, this is what distinguishes fuchsia owner.

special care

good health, rapid growth and abundant flowering fuchsia contribute to a brighter location (although it can tolerate some shade), abundant watering, nutrient substrate and fresh air.Fuchsia Summer gladly spend on the balcony.However, it should be protected from direct sunlight, under which the flowers and the leaves can get

burns.In winter, the plant rearrange the cold light place, greatly reduce watering.

Spring - time updates.Fuchsia transplanted in a mixture of leafy, sod of earth and sand.All dry and weak shoots removed, strong and healthy shortened.Fuchsia is easily propagated by cuttings throughout the spring and summer.

you think chmo you too shy child?Then please create a house for two or three fuchsia.Take care of the plant together with a toddler.(Be sure to wait until the flowering ... Changes in the nature occur, but not too fast not rush time, it works for you

family kipreyny (evening primrose), Fuchsia Genus Natural climatic conditions:.... All the subtropical species fuchsias characteristic structure of the flower.similar to a flashlight: colored sepals, like the petals form a long tube and star folded around the edges from under them protrudes comparable with them along the length of the actual beater, as a rule, characterized by a different color, from which protrude pistil and stamens Fuchsia brilliant.♦ a compact shrub columnar shape (side shoots are arranged at an acute angle to the main), opposite leaves, from the pointy-elliptical to cordate-oval, up to 10 cm long, finely toothed on the edges, dark green with reddish-purple hue; inflorescence - many-flowered brush, tubular flowers at the base, with a strong limb pointed petals, orange-red or scarlet. The fruits are edible.It blooms from April to October.Fuchsia hybrid * very polymorphic species.Varieties differ in both appearance and flowering periods (RC - An early-flowering, SC - srednetsvetuschy, GSCH - late-).

Varieties: "Display" - srednerosloe bush, vertical shoots, flowers are medium size, simple and sepals corolla dark pink, RC;"Cascade" - ampelnye shoots, leaves large, green;flowers on long stalks, axillary, large, light pink sepals, corolla carmine-red, SC;"Ettra" - a high bush, double flowers, large, ball-Lakhov sepals, corolla white, pink, RC;"Jubilee" - medium-tall shrub, double flowers, large, crimson sepals, corolla pink, SC;et al. varieties.

Fuchsia tree ♦ Tall plant, elliptical leaves, dense;flowers in terminal racemes, small, purplish-pink.It flowers from September to January.

Fuchsia elegant ♦ Up to 1 m tall, the leaves are oval-lanceolate, up to 5 cm long, hairless, toothed on the edge of the green with reddish veins and reddish stem;flowers in the racemose inflorescence, drooping, with a bright-red sepals and purple-red rim.

Fuchsia beautiful ♦ Up to 1.5 m tall;leaves with wavy edges and recesses at the endings of veins, dark green with a red tint;thyroid inflorescence numerous, drooping flowers, with a long tube, coral color.

Fuchsia recumbent ♦ Semishrub with thin creeping shoots, leaves on long stalks, small (up to 1 cm in length), almost round;flowers solitary, axillary, sepals with a straw yellow, greenish corolla.

Fuchsia * The short leaved shrub, small leaves, sharp;flowers small, axillary, red and purple.

Fuchsia low ♦ narrow, glossy leaves;The flowers are small, red.

Fuchsia spherical ♦ Up to 1.5 m tall, thin shoots, oval-pointed leaves, serrated at the edges;buds spherical, red sepals, petals are long, blue.

Fuchsia schitkotsvetkovaya ♦ Tall erect shrub;leaves oblong-lanceolate, pubescent, to 15 cm long;schitkopodobnye inflorescence, drooping flowers, purple-red.Fruits are edible, rich in vitamins.Fuchsia bright red ♦ Stems thin, the leaves are oval, short;sepals red, long, corolla purple, blooms from April to September.Undemanding plant.

requirement to moisture: the summer of abundant irrigation and spraying, winter -umerennye.

Temperature: winter temperature of 12-14 ° C, and most species tolerate lower.For most species of flowering it requires a minimum of 18 ° C.Poor tolerate drafts.Fuchsia tree prefers warm room.

Light mode: unpretentious plant can contain any exposure, although the eastern and western optimal.

requirement to soil: undemanding plant, suitable mixture of turf and humus land with sand in a ratio of 3: 5: 1.In the summer need fertilization.

Reproduction: cuttings (after spring pruning) and seeds.mid-size seeds, they only lightly sprinkle the ground.It is easy to take root even in the water.

Features: after the start of budding swap is not recommended - may discard the flowers.If young specimens contain the winter at a temperature of about 10 ° C, the next year they will turn into very large and strong plants.Needs for bargain beautiful shape of the crown pruning, topping pintsirovke and tip.