Tsissus ( the false vine )

For stubborn and wayward

tsissus prevents a person from radicalism and its manifestations

Lush, branching tsissus - a supporter of versatility in a relationship.The volume cap it leaves lots of sharp rise Field stubbornness.Unreasonable persistence, not allowing to approach the issue from the other side, the inability to recognize halftones -all this, unfortunately, signs of limited horizons.

tsissus prevents a person from narrow-mindedness, lack of compromise.Under the influence of tsissusa disappears hasty in making decisions.Tsissus - the best gift for the "hard-nosed" boss, "crushing" of teachers, authoritarian parents.

Features care

tsissus has low lighting, can make a shading;the best place for the plant will be the east or west window.In the summer of useful stand in the garden or on the balcony (in the hottest hours pritenyat necessary).In spring and summer watering abundant in winter is moderate.Winters tsissus at 14-16 ° C.If the plant spends the winter in a room with central heating,

it requires frequent spraying.Tsissus growing very fast.Transplanted it every year in the spring, the adult plant is less common, but the annual replacement of topsoil is required.The substrate is composed of a mixture of turf and leaf earth, humus, peat and sand in equal parts.Propagation tsissus spring and summer cuttings.

family vineyards.Rhode tsissus.Natural climatic conditions: subtropical Australia and Africa.

The rooms are grown, as a rule, the vines, though the genus includes plants in different shapes.

most common in the culture room types: tsissus Antarctic (New Zealand grape vine kangaroo) ♦ to climb climber with woody stems, stems and petioles pubescent, young brownish hairs on;leaves up to 12 cm long, alternate, heart-shaped, the edges serrate-dentate, light green.The rest period is more pronounced than that of other types of tsissusa, and therefore should be observed more strictly (less bulk, lower temperature and so forth.) tsissus two-tone * The leaves are oblong-cordate, top velvety, shiny, silver-white to reddish-lnl0vymi veins, from below- dull purple.

most finicky to the conditions of view, can not tolerate drafts and sudden changes in temperature and humidity.Tsissus rombolistny * Stems lianas flexible, thin;All parts of the plant are covered with hairs of a red-brown hairs;each node has a modified list - fork spirally curved mustache, usual leaves petiolate, ternate from rhombic leaves with stipules.The relatively undemanding plant.The requirement to moisture: uniform watering in summer and winter.In hot weather it is desirable to spray.

Temperature: winter temperatures in the range 13 - 18 ° C.Dislikes sudden changes and drafts.

Light mode: unpretentious to light, can grow in the shade.

requirement to soil: optimum ground from clay and turf, leaf humus and land with sand in a ratio of 2: 2: 1: 1, in the spring and summer feeding required every ten days alternating solutions of organic and mineral fertilizers.Plants are very sensitive to the lack of nutrients - the leaves spots appear quickly.

Reproduction: cuttings in the period of active shoot growth.

Features: used for vertical landscaping, needs support.