Gipertim in marriage

hyperthymia among ten percent of women, among men - too.Not much, but still significant.So we are discussing.

Some signs by which one can "calculate" hyperthymia, visible to the naked eye.The most important feature of his character - motor hyperactivity.It manifests itself in the fact that it immediately to drive to a kiosk for the beer, as soon as the extra coin.The sweeping gestures.The loud unrestrained vocal activity.In a constantly good mood.The intonation in hyperthymia few modulations, but many voices.It all turns out not expressive but oochen loudly.Write hyperthymia fast, messy, sprawling, sometimes - tears the paper.With mistakes.Gestures simply expressive, it does not show gestures scheme, he just waves his arms.Mimicry in hyperthymia too "hyper".This is called gipermimiey.But it inexpressive, ie there is no fine content compliance statements.The content of the domestic speech.Terms and foreign words - within accepted in the markets.

characteristic appearance: almost no neck;the head is stuc

k to the body, like a large egg;fleshy face, round;eyes like a Bun.Short arms and legs.You remembered Sancho Panza?A hero Yevgeny Leonov?That is hyperthymia.They love to eat and get fat.Make-up and manicure for women rough, often ragged. Gipertim not concerned about their appearance, though most of it is not handsome (and it is not pretty).One gipertimka pronounced to the point and not to the place of the phrase: "I am an amateur, but also to me there is a fan."And, indeed, she had no lack in the amateurs a simplified sex.

Clothing flashy, colorful, bright, motley, multi-style.As an extreme option - gipertim can dress in a tuxedo and sneakers.Clothing often sports.With labels.The top button of his shirt buttoned not even a tie.View rashristanny.Rubahaparen.

Gipertim clunky mobile, fidgety.It can be a hollow jacket with a whisk sauce table.(By the way, place it away from the edge.) But his

plastic natural, rather than theatrical (as isteroida).Gipertim loves all dogs, but especially stray dogs, in which he himself is like.

hyperthymia have many different hobbies, but very serious, superficial.He collected five stamps, matchboxes six, seven models of machines.And I threw the collection.In gipotimii and psihastenoidov hobby - embroidery.In hyperthymia - Drink.It is, one might say, an alcoholic, but alcoholism threatens not to him but isteroidu and schizoid.

Gipertim recklessly brave.He does not see the danger.Pret ahead.And zhenschinagipertimka - "stop a galloping horse."Courage is not thought out, and momentary.

In his aimless wandering through life gipertim very energetichen.It is not out of steam.It is possible to get again and again on unnecessary things to him.But the gipertim nobody makes nothing to do.So just spinning like a perpetual motion machine.Lives adrift."Here today, and gone tomorrow."He besprogrammny people.More precisely, it is attached to the different programs, but on the principle of "like a leader."

RUSSIAN "maybe" motto, the principles LIFESTYLE hyperthymia.Routine conduct of business - not their inheritance.He launches them.First lie that they say, all the way through.Then Abraham.But he is a good assistant jobs involving all hands, it all goes well.

Thinking hyperthymia can be characterized as follows: common sense and no guile.It is shallow.It is not an analyst.Simple, everyday.Topics grounded.Get.Sell.To introduce.Moreover, there is no you "pierce time" or fifth dimensions.It is far from the philosophical problems.Much therefore it is understood in a straight line.The gravediggers of "Hamlet" to the question on what grounds has gone mad Ophelia, said: "At the Danish".Thinking a dependent.He has no convictions.He is not interested in either the theoretical or political problems, or even everyday: "Stalin is thinking for us", "giraffe big - he knows better."

Creativity hyperthymia artless, in essence, devoid of images.They are not very creative.The phrases in the songs - something like: I love you, but you do not love me, I suffer from it, ohh And several well very simple chords on the guitar.Yet gipertim can not do without creativity in the arts.He must somehow throw out your emotion.He can sing and strum on gitarke alone.However, he is not necessarily ready for action.It just amuses himself.Arts hyperthymia not learn.Most self-taught.Primitivism.Kitsch.But it is not abstract.

Semantic Memory hyperthymia mediocre.But a great mechanical memory.He remembers the stories you hear.Maybe find a house in the back streets, where there was once.Reads from the middle to the middle.Or

beginning and the end.Recently hyperthymia generally prefer to watch television.Televizornaya disease affects them more than other psycho.So all limited to switching on the remote buttons.But, turning to a variety of companies, he remembers many facts.If it's not just drinking buddies and the intellectual elite, he learns a lot of complex reasoning and terms.There's something to see, there's something I heard someone else here said, and then glanced at the annotation important book ... look - and picked up information.But to get a deep erudition of others hyperthymia prevents his hyperactivity and pereklyuchaemost to other cases.Overall, therefore, it is certainly his erudition surface, although extensive (in many areas).

value orientations hyperthymia changeable, depending on the company, where he spends the night.It is for the white, then for the Reds.And then: "Beat whites until blush" and "beat the Reds until the turn white."It is packed with contradictions.In his ethical concepts can be combined love for animals and "death to homosexuals".

Will weak.And with respect to the intermediate cases, and in relation to the objective in the life of any supply problem or identify ways to solve or at least to keep the program in memory chyuto will, he can not.He had bad self-control ... Gipertim not intended and does not reach the goals.

He did not think through their advance, he will cut seven times, not once not measured off.He mindless adventurer.And his reckless gaiety.

with self-esteem, he is not being tortured.If he put the "three", he was pleased.And if - "four", it can even have a drink on this occasion.And the low level of claims.Stars from the sky is not enough.Will not particularly keen.In betting.He is indifferent to fame, not ambitious, and certainly not vain.That is, it is, of course, rejoice sincere praise.And to experience the depressing inferiority complex and strive giperkompensirovat - such is not present.Gipertim not too proud of.It can rather rapidly react to the injustice done to others than to themselves.Of course, if you say the phrase "you're a fool," he replied without humor, but without strain, a phrase such as "the fool".Or with a shallow yumorkom: "We are both fools," It's hard to hit home.He "otbrehivaetsya" - and all.

On hyperthymia it is easy to influence because they do not think about ochento problems.They take the imposed discourse.And often it is fundamentally opposing views.One, he says. "You're right"Another objection, he to him: "And you're right."Third, who accuses him of inconsistency: "And you're right."

Funds exposure to other people: the repeated request primitive repetition, lumbering mat, immediate threats, it is clear, is not fulfilled.But systematic coercion we can not see from the hyperthymia.

Studies gipertim snatches.He goes to college for communication or small business.Truant, late.In the classroom talks.But the university is held by chats, by means of small things, including physical (move furniture ...), withdraws from schizoid enjoys friendship with isteroidami who share with him what could manipulative defraud schizoid.Giperima have no career.All because somehow, God will throw bones.It does not rise up the hierarchical ladder.

Much of the above tires, and sometimes offends people, including her husband.

Gipertim energetichen and energetic, tireless in his hands all the lights.Gipertim - perpetual motion, but no drive belts, all by itself.His tireless pointless.This eternal Brownian motion.Purposelessness hardly sympathetic to loved ones.

Gipertim - people giddy.It comes through in everything.Learning.In a career.Sexually.In love.In parenting.In entrepreneurship.Gipertim does not suffer moral issues, such as good or bad to live for someone else's expense?He reveler, he loves binges, his walk so to walk.Spend a lot of money, can still pull.It hyperthymia "guzzle up the cross."Gipertim calls the "long distance", drives a taxi nazhigaet light, hanging around in restaurants.Spend their money, but can spend and accidentally got to him other people's.And if it's family money?

Gipertim - principal enemy of the order.He always brings confusion and loves it.Abandoned hastily clothing.Nepodmetennye carpets, they burnt matches, cigarette ash.Mountain of dirty dishes ... He's chaos at home and at work, in a shed in the yard.Even in the selection of clothes she had mottled, multi-style.If he is forced to clean up, then the goodness of his heart he will do what is required of him, but it's worth a mentor to disappear from the eyes - Brownian motion re-enters into force.For home belonging to other psycho - is an occasion for discord.

asleep or too little, or too much - like when.After drinking can be backfilled.And if you play tricks, he is able to sleep a little.Son had a deep, fast asleep without hind legs, snoring, does not wake up even phone calls.He was not plagued by dreams, they do not exist, or they are nice.In a family where the order was elevated into an absolute, that his carelessness - not to the court.

have hyperthymia messy and relationships with people.Promiscuity.For him commonplace adultery with her as a moral and medical costs.

Gipertim constantly violates the laws, though more small than serious.For example, more than speed, riding on the red.But epileptic wife and it can be very annoying.

hyperthymia find their place in the revolutions and wars.They are easy to mobilize, to incite to fight "for the right cause."Voobscheto They do not care for any ideology, but they are strung, quick to react to siyusekundnuyu injustice.And when these small and the larger injustices lot, they go under revolutionize the flags outside.Alas, they are not difficult to knock out and wet affair.And even more so to a simple fight.For women it is constant stress, we have to drag them out of their "monkey" in the literal and figurative sense.

During his turbulent he does not notice other people's suffering, it is not sensitive to the misfortunes of others.

But it is worth noting and obvious advantages.He can drop everything, do yours, not have enough sleep to do so.And attention to the person is not connected to the benefit.He does good just the way he likes to do it.To create, as a bird sings.He does good for anyone in sight.Gipertim momentary kind.It does not take offense if his kindness is not appreciated.He sincerely kind, not for show.He can do good and so that people do not know from whom it comes.Moreover, he will respond to the good good.In response to one good gipertim makes two, but once on the same day.If hyperthymia caught if he goof, then he will not get out, and will earnestly apologize, justifying: who, they say, there is no ...

All these moments gipertim a people to himself, he looks charming, even noble.All this is more pleasing to the loved ones.

But back to the downside ... The adage "out of sight - out of mind" - it is about him.Here the husband left for two weeks - and gipertim busy with other people who are obsessed with it.In hyperthymia this is due precisely to the fact that people simply disappeared from sight.

Maybe so: positive like quality immediately associated with disadvantages for the family.For example, he can take off her clothes and give it to a needy person even less, then it will still have to buy the same family for money.Can put in the refrigerator, and the latest products to treat wandered to his neighbor, not thinking that he would remain a family.Fairly whether it be the wife?He calmly and easily give you read a book from the home library and will not call with reminders of return.But it may be your favorite book of his wife, and she isteroidka, and the roots of these books is very decorate the interior of the living room.

Gipertim not ideological, but as it were spontaneous cosmopolitan.He tends to live by the principle "mirdruzhbazhvachka" with people of other nationalities, he could easily marry a girl the other denominations.And then - the ethnic strife in the family.

Gipertim - people without any moral constraints.Sin for him - it is like a natural state of the body (in isteroida, remember, this is a natural state of mind).But at the same time, he earnestly repents after each transgression, Gipertim sins and repents.Oh, my God, forgive me, a sinner - and upset a glass of vodka in the post.With him like water off a duck.... Isteroid, remember sins to repent.But psihastenoid does not sin, but repents.It's all in hyperthymia for epileptic schizoid and even family members "will be too heavy."Of course, the fact that he repents, the relationship with him makes it easier, but it will always be sin, and if you live with them, you have to take into account that it can chtolibo steal, do not give away, to forget ...

It is often fool various esotericauthorities.Navrut that predicts the fate of the coffee grounds, and hyperthymia believe and spread the money.These fuckers by definition.With his wife, and on this subject difficult.But he can take part in all sorts of scams, organized roguish isteroidami and paranoid, and even himself can organize your scam.Again, this is not the court of epileptic wife.

He forgets to repay debts.But if you recall, the bustling perezaymet and give, and then we will have another ... up reminders.

has promised - and will not.Just promise sincerely, thinking that he would do.If he is recalled, the more demand - had promised the same - he recalls, justified, recognizing that, well, I'm a pig, and began hurriedly to fulfill the promise.

Special thanks from hyperthymia not wait.He does not remember about their services komuto (it is a plus), but not too remember Services in the address (minus).Although if he reminded that he remembers, and bustling, but it can also be said psihozaschitnoe "think ...".Here the wife to find him stylish (and not raznopery) costume.He put it on - and have forgotten what was once the suit was not.

Psihozaschitnye mechanisms have hyperthymia simple.I Forgot.Not ochento wanted."Another time, will be a good".And relieved.

to do something nice for one person, he immediately distracted and is interested in another person, another matter.This hyperthymia also irritate people.

But such a unreliability (forget about the promises and commitments) gipertim energetichen and kind help faster than scrupulous psihastenoid.And, unlike the mercantile epileptoida paranoid and soulless, it is still a good friend.

Gipertim talkative.Communication for him - the value of the number one.On scheizvestny anecdote: drank for three, one jerked to go, but he stopped: "Apogovorit ..?" Or went down from the movie "Autumn,.marathon "in our life" sit well ".Many

says.Other incidents from the life.Artistic, though not very plastic.But he does not put himself in the center of the story.His tale of the races - for others, not for him.

Gipertim - a good entertainer, it draws on this at the beginning of construction and marriage.Often it is lying, but does not receive this financial ones.

hyperthymia Communicate often not the case, it is important for them to chat for communication.And communication is almost inconceivable without alcohol.We must pridumagg any excuse, but drink.At the same time, they can withstand high doses of alcohol.Other smarivaet and hyperthymia have yet.Yet again ;Leonov recollected in "Autumn Marathon", his story that was not enough, even more drunk and drank.And filologdatchanin was in the drunk tank, and he came to Buzykin - Basilashvili to rescue a comrade.

Obscheniyavypivki in gipertipa sometimes ends the fight, and even a stabbing.Such household alcoholism angering relatives, if they themselves are not involved drinking.

I have already said that gipertim - a good entertainer.He is fluent, not clip, easily comes in contact.So it keeps the tone of communication in the group.It is like people, and they are concentrated around it.If the second spouse loves company (isteroid, gipertim same), it will consolidate the couple.

Gipertim playful and rages, but not elegant.Modesty - is not a trait.Manners hyperthymia anything but aristocratic.Sometimes shameless, even arrogant.Etiquette he did not comply, and mate uses two words.When the women - five words.All the way.