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Marriages are made in heaven - this is common knowledge.A divorce?At this point the sky, I think, to do with it, though, because the percentage of divorcing, alas, is not reduced.

itself a divorce - the achievement of a civilized society, but today, because of the growing popularity of sad, become socially dangerous.For Cancelled personal life pulls a pile of agonizing questions.The main victim of parental mistakes - children ...

July press release of the State Statistics Committee of the Russian Federation states: in the past year (1988) we broke up 950,000 families.One-quarter of married couples living together breaks (very common mistake Decomposes only 1.4% of married couples that exist in the country and the fourth -.. Is the number registered in the year.).Needless to say, the statistics joyless.But today, it gives the chance for some optimism over the past five years, the growth line, violently straining upward, stopped.The number of divorced households remained stable at the same level.The col

lection "The population of the Russian Federation" states: in the 60s and 70s there was a particularly marked increase in disintegrating families.The digital design is as follows: in 1960 - 270.2 thousand divorces ", in 1970 - 636.2, in 1980 - 929.6 thousand.

Even this dynamic thirty years shows, depending on the social situation of the family in society.Positive changes are occurring today we should have a positive impact on the family.Weary of grand slogans reaching social and economic impasse, when the factories were built and operated ming for new factories, we seem to have regained consciousness by hypnosis.When he awoke, he realized: a man, his joy, pain and hope - the most important thing.So, it is important, as it lives in the family, whether his house if his refrigerator is empty convenient, what kids are growing ...

At the highest level are discussed today the problem of strengthening the family.Eliminate one of the main reasons a devastating effect on the family - the plight of married working women - this concern sounded in many speeches at the Congress of People's Deputies.It created and started to operate Committee on Women, Family, Maternity and Childhood.The second year of the weekly "Family" is published.Visible results of the Soviet Children's Fund ...

believed more and easiest to break most young couples under the age of 20 years.And it seems so calm oylo think - what to take with them: who was no longer young, he was not stupid!But statistics are not attached to this opinion.The crisis of the family, it turns out, most often occurs in the couple aged 25-29 (234,000 divorcees, 818 000 children left with no one of the homelands-lei).Next "dangerous" age - 30-34 years (180 thousand divorces remains 200 thousand children).So, on a break, and this is going to think, always serious and difficult step for both, the couple did not dare a young age and did not thoughtlessly.

If beginners have a solid rear in the face of the parents (Apartment, financial support, assistance in child care) - their happiness.But how often newly created family sail literally on rickety little boat.And no wonder that the love boat, as the poet said, is divided about life.Lack of housing and neblagoustroystvo, the wretchedness of life, drunkenness - the main risk factors.How about all of this letter!

«Daughter and son-in Tomsk after graduation in 1975 were sent to Chelyabinsk, in the Production Association" Signal ".I will place them in a room 12 square meters.m. There and live to this day with his two sons.Due to the unbearable living conditions in-law gradually became addicted to drinking.For the sake of apartments in 1983 he went to work as a loader on the construction site.Recently distributed apartments, but because of his drinking bouts pushed all.Daughter in despair.And son-sorry - kind, intelligent man, the children love it.They punished the family, and have it collapse ... »

Who then submit the bill?In one letter writer right: questionable justice deprivation of property punishment - suffering a first family.I am sure that extreme caution should be approached to this in each case.

rarity when the city authorities take care of families, helping them to survive in life's storms.I remember the story of a large family Prigogine from Vitebsk.The City Council has built them in the center of a beautiful two-story mansion.But it was so rare fact that the material is well named: "Let us believe in miracles!»

family crisis, problems, tearing it to pieces, in recent times have been reluctant to discuss the topic.And absolutely "indecent" to speak of unbearable overload of working women.But today, 270 thousand women working in heavy manual work and polumehanizirovanvyh, 65 thousand are employed in heavy puteynyh works 4 000 000 women working in night shifts, 80 percent of non-motorized heavy work in the trade, where women work mainly.Priplyusuet these nagruzochkam homepage shift in the kitchen, do not miss the sight and exhausting queues crush in public transport ... Teach you how with all this remain gentle and beautiful, what we want to see the husbands! ..

general theme of family figures are alarming.But one simply depressing.Working mother spends an average of 17 minutes per day on the education of the child and 15 minutes - to care for him.17 minutes!Is not the answer to the desperate questions like: "Well, why are they?»

weekly "Family" recently ruled on the front page of terrible figures: 1 100 000 children live in the state and are brought up in children's orphanages and institutions.Orphanage of this magnitude, we knew only in the terrible years of war and famine.1,185,000 children suffer from mental illness.900,000 adolescents detained for offenses each year.2194 child committed suicide in 1987 ...

There is no doubt - all these unfortunate folks this was not at home.775,000 children every year lose a parent at the family crash.The fate of the child remaining in the ruins of the house, always a difficult fate.Sometimes spouses like mad, sue, dolyatsya, forgetting the moral duty to the young man.And it is not surprising that among the decaying pairs nearly half grew up in single-parent family and the parent does not know an example of harmonious relations.

... Sad turned the conversation, because a sad topic.Not comforting and someone else's Statistics: not only we have so many breaks up families.For example, in the United States (and they divorce champions of the world) is falling apart half of the marriages.In European countries, the picture is similar about.

What happens to us?Maybe love has left our pragmatic century?No.Sociologists say that 90 percent of marriages performed after all for love.So, for all the troubles of everyday life you can save!

How to keep happy?Which recipes will help?If ever grown daughter asks me about it, I can tell you one thing - you have seen and loved in his chosen his best side, best quality.Do not lose them in the tumult of everyday life!Be tolerant, sensible ...