Isteroidy prefer just recompense for alms.

One milayapremilaya tineydzherkaisteroidka, crying large sympathetic tears, approached a graceful pirouette in front of astonished her kindness of passers-by to the rascal, I knew (many times seen as he shifted from the cap into the pockets of profit), and arched swan neck, put herto cap a solid bill, and then in the evening of the same day in front of me to beg his mother money for tomorrow.Do not be so - the mother honestly earned little money.

Isteroidu in general need to think about the strategy of life.Here isteroidka away from the poor man without a "Zhiguli" in a more rich with a "Zhiguli" (her first husband she lives ruined) by richer with the "Zhiguli" - even more rich with a "Mercedes" (the second ruined), the third is alreadyit is - the arrow on the decline, but the manipulative habits remain, and he throws her out of his helicopter.And then she likes to regret it, and she will arrange suicidal "theater of the absurd", will run around the therapists, but it does it sought at the beginning of

your life?After this crash.

And if isteroidka before us under the figure of the person and not a psychopath, you know it all in advance (and I draw it), it may poosterezhetsya.Here we enter into an agreement with the healthy part of the human psyche, as Freud said, and the person in the end will not lose a life.

Isteroidu can advise that it constantly, literally every five minutes and sends itself pulsed auto-suggestion: I'm interested in others more than themselves.This will contribute to including his best reputation.

Isteroidy, be compulsory.In order not to forget anything, get interorgtehniku, a lesson from epileptoidov.

Isteroidu need to learn how to communicate Psychotechnics.The family isteroid gives a lot of conflict and little synthons.It should withdraw its inherent konfliktogeny and cultivate synthons (words, intonations, gestures - to match the needs of the partner).It is necessary to react to the conflict promises.

Isteroidu be feared paranoid affect self-esteem, because as we know, are very vindictive.Isteroid must be careful with epileptoida, who did not immediately respond, but the case of revenge.We must be alert and isteroidami who first come into a tailspin unmanaged conflict, and then tripped.Isteroid must be delicate with schizoid, after being emotionally not too sympathetic, but witty, schizoid will give a portion of pepper.And psihastenoidami, senzitivami and gipotimii need to exercise special tact and never prick their acrimonious stamped jokes, smile, dismissive gesture.All this will cause them hurt, depressed mood, self-esteem and level of aspiration.

should not be too demanding for her husband.Isteroidka should like to say: my husband - Epileptoid, he can not and does not want to look, but businesslike.I suffer.He's respected in the community.

Generalized say this: where concentrated cons, it would be necessary to dissolve them in their own or borrowed from other psycho pros.

Isteroid under the figure of the person and even aktsentuant often listens to the advice of reputable consultants.He believes in the book, in authority, in the experts.Once a scientifically minded psychologist, he can 'corrected.And many "tips" on the radical personality he amenable to appropriate changes.It easily takes over the desired tone.This is very important because of the intonation many troubles.

Radical same person, ie the complex needs and typical reactions of the person, reworked with great difficulty.Isteroidu difficult, of course, refuse to tug the blanket of attention to themselves.Yet radical redesigns and if intelligence isteroida sufficient.

Now discuss the situation when isteroid - near you.First, I spoke about the disadvantages of this psycho.Let us talk about the pros and very significant.

Without isteroidov would all just business, business, there would only be boring ants from Krylov's fable "The Ant and the Grasshopper."Glubokotonky classic psychology Lev Vygotsky wrote that condemn children Ant and the Dragonfly sympathetic to them, "do not reach" Krylov moral of the story.And indeed without "dragonflies" the world would be tarnished.Why are houses in which there is a dragonfly songs?It was once home rot themselves, and the songs will remain a fact of art.

face isteroida - correct oval.And to this is added the correctness of the eyes, nose, lips, forehead ... At a certain variety of types of faces, to give individuality to each separately "isteroidkinomu" face, this attraction for many correctly identify sexual success isteroidov.Minor errors are smoothed skilful make-up, hairdo, which without fail - in the latest fashion.This all may be gentle, feminine colors.Leather groomed.The torso of a woman - close to the sculpture of Praxiteles' Aphrodite of Cnidus ".And muzhchinyisteroida ** close to the sculpture Leochares "Apollo Belvedere".Waist in isteroidok chiseled, neck - with a tendency to Swan.Isteroidy plastic.Their movements are elegant, flowing, relaxed, agile, flirty.They are beautiful dance movements of their dance graceful, varied, expressive ... And how isteroidka corrects glasses Do not poke the nose, as it does, for example, schizoid, and elegant, smartly and accurately, with the bow ... At the same time toall drew attention to the well-groomed fingers, each of which is bent a ring ... And if it is a cup of coffee, it is also - well-groomed fingers, curled ringlets, holding a cup of small ruchechki everyone to understand how this cup becomes more beautiful because it is keptsuch fingers.Moreover, if a provincial beauty, the little finger sticking out, and if the capital, the little finger is pressed against a ring to other kolechkampalchikam ... and smokes like a cigarette kuritto a holding, in this case the legs crossed, like the smoke rings, too, shakes off the ashes Gracefully,plavnoporyvisto, exposing all on display long, thin fingers with long beautiful nails.Isteroidy playful ....

All the qualities described above admire people who make them enjoy hysteroid beauty, fascinating ... If epileptoida - welcome under the order, in a paranoid - a global good for all the people, then isteroida good - in fact itexistence.On isteroidku a pleasure to watch her eat, and just as it is ... Here she raised an eyebrow, but narrowed her eyes, but expressed dismay.Capricious wrinkled her nose, smiled all the teeth, squinted slyly eyes, put naive to kiss lips - at isteroidki all beautifully and expressively.And all adequately.In isteroidki its usefulness in its very uselessness.Beauty, according to Kant, is useless.

husband can afford to say yes, isteroidka, but that is good, can bear its disadvantages.If we sincerely admire isteroidami, their talent will bloom.Isteroidu not play along with the purpose of manipulation, but in order to better reveal his talents.We must accept it (implement acceptance), with all its pluses and minuses, and in opposition to recall the disadvantages of other psychological types: about shamelessly hyperthymia, epileptoida hypocrisy, neglect of people paranoid.Opyattaki consider "flaws - continued advantages" and "dignity - continued shortcomings."

Isteroidu should not be uncomfortable on our behavior.With him, and with him it is advisable to follow the rules of psycho-techniques of communication (again advise my book "Labyrinth of communication" ( "ASTPRESS", 2002, 2003, 2004). Discard the negative of his personality and relics assessments, charges and categorical, from the teachings, exhortations,. tips Instead, ask his personality, his achievements, his company, focus on it a suit of his attention to the people around

husband should himself say. I have a wife isteroidka, hence, it is necessary to have a reasonable flowers for her, candy (chocolate instead of candy), and currently I buy "White Sea" instead of "Marlboro", and it is better to give up smoking

Isteroid -. man is bright, it is easy to come into contact, quickly finds subjects for general conversation, conversation, save us from lonelinesshe is playful and elegant, it is the company's soul, a good entertainer, storyteller, holding evening it makes communication interesting and family, if you come away Isteroidka -.. active helper, family, sign, an impresario.

With some good oratorical data isteroid can be a good lecturer, teacher.Many isteroidy - artists, leading various television talk shows, performers of classical music, speakers, representative and a representative office assistants, secretaries ... It contributes to material well-being of the family.

Engage in long-term relationships with isteroidami should be with caution.All verbalize and to agree, in the contract should be specific, in order to reduce the possibility of manipulation on their part.At the same time negotiate with isteroidkoy often almost as useless as in other similar cases it still applies the other manipulative reception.Yet on some piece time clearing and contract it is certainly helping isteroidam held by the logic.So let us not despair.

Isteroidu not trust serious secrets.All the time we must be alert, "trusting, check", but politely checked, and what kind, he would be offended and vzbryknet.

If isteroid obviously pinched, then you need to apply in full or reduced volume soft confrontation tough confrontation and manage conflicts stimulating kakieto action isteroida, it makes sense to appeal to his generosity and to the assessment of his conduct by other people, for example, it is possible to resort to the argument"it will look good."