For those who want to turn the house into a heavenly place

Chlorophytum - record holder in speed and quality of air purification

Among the plants Chlorophytum - the most powerful filter that cleans the air from harmful impurities and bacteria.It absorbs air from formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, benzene.It destroys pathogens.Chlorophytum Especially active against fungi.

sleek, discreet Chlorophytum fits easily into any interior.It can be a decoration of the room and stood modestly behind the curtain.Its important and necessary work of this tireless worker performs everywhere.Chlorophytum energetically neutral.Next to this plant is good for everyone.It can be kept in the bedroom, and in the nursery, and in the kitchen.

Features care

Chlorophytum love of light, but they can be decorated even quite dark corners if necessary.In the summer it needs regular watering, spraying useful.In winter, reduce watering.Powerful plant roots quickly fill up all the space allotted to them: comes to the fact that the

earthen room swells and the substrate is poured out of the pot.When transplanting (preferably annual) roots can be cut, it will not hurt the plant.

propagated by division or sockets formed to "mustache".Chlorophytum and unassuming, like a real friend will forgive any mistakes care.

If you want the house was filled with happiness, get more Chlorophytum ... and a couple of budgies.Each apartment will be included in to say: "How do you good!»

People are able to treat themselves from any disease.A plant for us - great assistants.It is important to feel what the plant is "your" and tune into his wavelength.Flower clarify ideas and help find the path to healing.

lily family.Rhode Chlorophytum.Natural climatic conditions: tropics and subtropics.

herbaceous perennial with thick, tuberous roots and basal leaves.

most common in the culture room types: Chlorophytum Cape * dense rosette;leaves it up to 50 long, narrow, lanceolate, light green;inflorescence a high peduncle, racemose;The flowers are small, greenish-white.Chlorophytum crested * In contrast to the previous species, the leaves shorter, younger - erect, green with longitudinal white stripes;on a spike develop new outlet capable of rooting, allowing vyraschizat this kind of as a basket plant.Stable in the interior, undemanding plants.The requirement to moisture: uniform abundant watering in summer, mild winter.During the active growing season, it is desirable spraying and wash the leaves.

Temperature: winter temperature shifts to 7 ° C, but it is desirable that they are not below 13 - 18 ° C.Light mode: preferably moderately bright light, but it can grow in the shade.

requirement to soil: undemanding to soil, optimum ground from the sheet, humus and sod land with sand in a ratio of 2: 2: 2: 1, there may be other options glabokislyh (pH 6-7.5) zemlesmesey.Propagation: seeds and suckers.Features: it is desirable to replant every year.