Isteroid - big liar.And he does not just lie in such a way as to impress.He puts himself in the center of his zaviralnye story.Vrana and love turns isteroidki to order: the middle swept and under sofas tufts of dust - is like dirty underwear ... Even in suffering - a lie.Everything is exaggerated.Even in a suicide situation isteroid selflessly lying ten swallow tablets and ten notes decompose where to look.Isteroid like a lot of promise, he also attracts people.But he is not reliable in his promises.He navret with three boxes, just promise, hung on the noodles ears, but does not fulfill its promises, it requires greater efforts to which it is not enough.And find an excuse unfulfilled promises, fantastic, but sincere and believable prepodnosimye.The husband initially believed and Vranje, and explanations, but then it becomes annoying, especially epileptoida, straining the situation, and then the unproductive conflicts destroy marriage.

Isteroidy like to cry.This is - a manifestation of infantilism (menta

l delay children's level - crying because usually children).Isteroidki - so they can let a tear immediately after leaping laughter.Weeping with tears, whining, sometimes silent tears, but large, it was evident that from afar.And to regret it.Well, if you do not pay attention and on the crystal tears, SUCH THAT ALL AROUND insensitivity

Set these "qualities" do isteroida tragicomic character in marriage.

Isteroidka often unfaithful to her husband.In pursuit of his impressions of lust for life, perhaps even to help the cause.Out of revenge for the lack of attention."You do not love me," and "See how others like me."According to her logic, if he does not bestow flowers, so little loved;I would love - to give away.A lover gives.She does not understand that a lover gives to win it (and my husband has already won), it is only a manipulation on his part or forced manipulation of its action.At the same time, because her husband often Epileptoid or paranoid, it is precisely because of efficiency and ceases to give flowers, believing that it provided the family - and fairly, and flowers - a whim, a fantasy.Mistress or give brides and they, where do devatsyato?Hysteroid and gipertimnye men also give, perhaps, their wives, except that it is possible to earn on the flowers do not always.

Isteroidka if it does not change, then the flirting, and flirting that she does not hide, but on the contrary, it provides for show, it is necessary for all to see that take care of it, that it sought.Muzhchinyisteroidy, of course, also change.Also from thirst to impress and be impressed.

changing, they are forgiven and return, swear allegiance to change and again.Modifying itself isteroidy experience with tantrums, tears, accusations, shouts, accusations and forgiveness.Isteroid jealous not fatal, forgives when repentance.But that repentance was a loud, sworn, sacrificial.These strastimordasti and hardly for a second wife.

Isteroidy like to organize receptions.Once a paranoid husband inadvertently told a friend: come, they say, talk, have lunch ... "Aah, you called him for dinner, well, here and go to the store to was aperitivsalatpervoevtoroetretedesertsigary" - start saw his wife.A

arrangement in the rooms - not just for life, no, she must show all: what her luxurious bathroom, some appliances in the kitchen, some windows on the windows, "vaaschschee ..." what her comfort in the house.The bathroom, by the way, is decorated isteroidka richer than all the other places of the apartment, and carries it most of the time, not only to put himself in order.For her bathroom - a body of the kingdom, the most intimate corner of the soul, "the groin and armpit her house."Before taking isteroidka puts things in order.But she just sweep middle of the room, and in the corners - cobwebs and dust shreds.All this paranoid and epileptic husband is not very pleasant.

Isteroidy hardly keep archives.Isteroidka often arranges cleaning, tearing outdated rags and paper.Sometimes ejected and right.One wife destroyed drafts protected (to which, they say, to keep, if already protected) husband thesis.That is, it has arranged it, well, so he gave her the money at

isteroida not hold.He squanders them, eats, spends on drink.I buy a lot of unnecessary things.He lives on credit (loan life).Debts accumulated.When prizhmut, reborrow.Avoid lenders: "I have no home."Then he finds a new company, it gets into new debt, and the process repeats.Therefore

money he almost never not have debts.Naturally, it is a source of family conflict.

Isteroidka owl rather than a lark.Nightlife in prestigious clubs in the clubs of cigarette smoke, receptions later idle guests.My husband probably does not like it, he objected, but she objected to respond to objections.

Isteroid prefer to eat at a restaurant.Here food is not important for him alone, but he likes to eat, but the fact that here I am in a restaurant with friends.Restaurant - it's expensive, and epileptic, and paranoid husbands usually - against.isteroidy Houses can be good cooks.They gourmets.Wine - martini Mukuzani.One isteroidka refused even Mukuzani: "I want to Chianti";the other did not meet with her lover new year, because he did not get the pineapple (as it was under Brezhnev - pineapples were carried out only on the tables at the party bosses).These vagaries initially perceived as cute, then annoying, and later cause anger.

Recreation isteroidy recognize only expensive.Previously, it was the Crimea, the Caucasus ... They do not care that in Sochi - the sea of ​​urine.They main thing is that it is prestigious, it is possible to poflanirovat clothes along the waterfront, to stand in fashionable bathing suits on the beach, exposing snow-white back in the sun and getting burns that heal expensive creams.Now it's Canary Islands, Cyprus, at the worst Antalya.They "need the Turkish coast", in contrast to what was sung at patriotic Soviet songs.If you spent less than a thousand dollars per person per week, then what is the rest?And we must weekends and holidays, a trip to the Golden Ring, to live in motels."Roadside Picnic".Rest with gusto.Rest tirelessly.For epileptic men - is the eternal fight ...

Isteroid looking for suffering, because it draws attention to it.He revels in them.He wants compassion, and were busy.Everyone likes when tinkering with them, and do not like to throw in trouble.But isteroid: See how I suffer, I should be sorry.If there is no natural reason that cause pity isteroid something do not carefully and cut himself, there will be blood, all will run around, and he'll get attention.And sometimes hysterical - and demo-harm, cuts on the elbow, ostensibly in order to get to the vein;they get only to the small arteries, but a lot of blood.And now: look, how you brought me and see how I feel bad.Family members all busily, experiential ... Isteroidy yarkogogromkogo looking for sympathy.They involve everyone in their suffering.

Close to suffering - suicide.In isteroidov - a cry for help.When isteroidka swallows ten tablets and lays out ten

notes, where to find it - it says it all that she abandoned her quit.And look how beautiful I am going to die, all of you will understand only if someone lost.In isteroida suicide - voobscheto I want to live, but it can not live.

treated isteroidka only fashionable doctors, the more expensive the longer loves her husband.

Isteroidy drink drunk, drunk, sing songs, intoxication they like - the world is perceived brighter, glowing in the light of the prospects are seen.Drink often.For business, for fun, to celebrate, to mourn.And in the end, and even isteroid isteroidka can sleep.Chronic alcoholism - this hysteroid disease.Drink too much and other psycho.But isteroid and his chronic alcoholism flaunts - I'm a loser, alcoholic, and I will not be sorry.

Isteroid as paranoid and Epileptoid prefers isteroid ok in principle.He likes to enjoy a beautiful wife, he is proud of it, bragging to the public.Isteroidka also prefer paranoid or epileptoida.

Isteroid with isteroidom quickly converge and diverge very quickly, one has only to tell everything about yourself and lure secrets additional charm.Discussions surface: the prices of the artists life.Restaurants, nightclubs.Isteroidka with isteroidom can be kept for some time in a marriage, if they have a common artistic career or he puts lightweight detectives, and she plays them in leading roles.But the charm is quickly replaced by disappointment.And they are at odds with the scandal.In the course of the marriage - frequent violent quarrels with insulting epithets, with the storm of reconciliation, begging forgiveness.

But isteroidka with epileptoida ... We will develop a theme previously affected.Epileptoid is fundamental, remember it is oak, it can be lean, in his crown to hide, cuddle thin branches, well as in the song about RYABINUSHKA and in its roots, its roots are intertwined, popitatsya ... Very convenient.Isteroidka develop a manipulative abilities.Epileptoidudobytchiku it can in some degree like if he "owns" the beauty isteroidki.Well, if it is not too good and not too true, the inevitable conflicts.And suffering.In epileptoida sderzhannodramatichnye, while isteroidki - burnotragikomichnye.I have a lot to say about the relationship "isteroidka - Epileptoid" in "Epileptoid in marriage."Look there now again.To reject ugryumonaukoobraznogo presentation, some of the material I give in one place and some in another.And if you connect the different parts of the mind - get a single picture.

isteroidy often involved in religion, yet most often to esoteric to okoloreligioznym currents.Isteroidu really want to be closer to the mysterious world, to be "dedicated".Especially fashionable trends in today's eastern European women.Mere Christianity - for isteroidki is not enough ... It should be a witch, healer, psychic or client of a psychic, to fly into space with strangers.Isteroidka often focused on fortune telling, horoscopes, thus believe in what she tells her irrational need.She should be born an extraordinary child, she would be an actress ... Muzhepileptoid all this suffering, but reluctantly.

Isteroidki, happens, join the paranoid.This combination I also wrote.But add.Isteroidka can fall in love with a paranoid, even not reached success.After all, he knows the art of convincing and inspire.It is not very critical, she believes, and even believe.And her "believe" sincere at the time.She looks at the paranoid prophet with admiration, sexual lust, it is ready to surrender to him, to surrender (and then deliver by going to another).When paranoid reaches fame, she gets a part of the glory.Isteroid generally receives the necessary attention to it in the glow of a halo on his chosen prophet today.Here the word "prophet" I, as you understand, I use a household name: he is a prophet prophet everywhere - in religion, in science, in art and in politics.And everywhere there isteroidy, varying according to circumstances.The married couple are also passions run high.While she is young - she can go to another, a brighter, more successful, richer.But more often than the other option: isteroidka ages, more and more "plaster" on the face, it did not help him as great as epileptoidki help, and he advances ... So that the marriage was doomed.

Isteroidam difficult to get along with schizoid (no common interests), but because we rarely see them together.And if apart, the schizoid isteroid chuckles at his neglect of fashion, but with the schizoid isteroidom just nothing to talk about.But ... it can sometimes happen that the schizoid demand and starts to earn.Now that's programmers grow up in computer tycoons ... Then isteroidka starts to please her schizoid.Washes expensive shampoos, puts the latest fashion, taking housekeeper and nanny, leads him for his money on the secular party ... Fitness, haircuts ... When his relative indifference to her appearance and aging it suits him.Such a marriage can "go on and on," unless its betrayal by the circumstances do not change abruptly his fate.

clear that it makes sense to rein isteroidu the qualities outlined above, creating difficulties for loved ones.In addition, it said, adding further considerations.

Isteroidka must understand, for example, that if her husband would overwork and take risks for the sake of her dress, he will develop psychoneuroses and psychosomatic diseases: hypertension and its stroke, ulcer, with its perforation and "acute abdomen", coronary heart disease and its heart attacks.Or husband jailed or even shot because of its desire for renovation.It will be a widow.Is that what it sought?

Isteroidy tend to create good, make bessrebrenicheskie actions, but that all should have all seen.They do not want to do good in secret to give them explicitly in the other world, as Jesus commanded.They, like the Pharisees, whom he denounced, want to give alms, and instantly see the admiring glances of people.