Isteroidy more like themselves in sex than sex in sowing .

Sexuality isteroida - toy craft in the sea Do mora.It depends on the hypocrites, of their own systems, from a company that authority for him.We will consider all this in marriage.

Isteroidy love luxury and wealth, not thinking about that?it is always at the expense of someone else.If possible cunning, flattery, deception to take him something at the expense of another person, it isteroid eating bark, spit on morality, and if someone rebuke it, he quickly: will think psihozaschitnye construction.This may be another: the closest person.And if "the future", it in fact too closely involved :.husband for the sake of luxury for her at their peril, and sooner or later it will end etsya collapse.The family zhenschinyisteroidki because of its spending on luxury and entertainment - constant conflict: the husband, especially Epileptoid, does not want to take risks.And without risk in the pursuit of luxury is not enough to live on, and then - a fight.

Phone isteroidki as for the paranoid, almost sa] On May meaning

ful thing.But then, her husband, too, sometimes need to call kudato.Hence - the constant struggle for the possession of the handset.Or another situation: she talks on the phone with a girlfriend, too isteroidkoy, about this and that, on the fifth, the tenth, and it is at the computer working on a report and can not concentrate.Con: conflict, conflict.

Isteroid sins to repent.In publicly sin and repentance in public, he catches a special thrill.Commit chtonibud unforbidden uninteresting for him, he needs a row over his sin.And then you need a universal sympathy and forgiveness after public repentance.In isteroida sin - it is the natural state of the soul.It is sin to repent.And repentance in isteroida - a tragicomedy.Change isteroidka husband (or even wife changed isteroid) crying with scratched face, swinging in a bent position, rolling on the floor.He gets forgiveness - and then sinning.

for Family isteroida quite significant.And for isteroidki even more.She imagines himself not only an actress, but also zhenoymateryu.Her family home - a proscenium, a podium, a way of life.And so isteroidka seeks to marry and build your house.Just be with someone - it's not for her.Just love and marriage - is not enough.It outlines the purpose - for the husband of UNV ... that guy.And in three jumps spans the gulf that separated him from her.After excel - have yet to marry his chosen its exchange.Here and demonstrative flirting with a rival., And "accidentally" pregnant, and "accidentally" late abortion.Or so sublime love, with your loved ones - to the end of the world.And it turns out that she was referring to the outskirts of Paris.

start a family, isteroidka immediately begins to destroy it.Exorbitant demands for her husband, who struggled to many Started

melts, breaks laws, come into conflict with the staff ... for the sake of her dear heart eurorepair, for the sake of new clothes (fashion - the enemy of fashion, and this is not ejected worn, but "obsolete ").It cuts off the branch on which he is sitting.And this process continues even when everything when he was almost felled.As I expressed my wife Lena on one of the training sessions conducted by us,