August 12, 2017 17:51 | Cacti And Other Succulents

Eiifitnye shrubby cacti of the warm, moist areas of the Americas and Africa.Stems slender, often - switchgrass, highly branched, with many species - jointed;flowers are formed around the run, small;fruits round.

most common in the culture room types: Rhipsalis Trichomanes ♦ Stems slender, heavily branched, soft;The flowers are small, whitish;white fruits.Rhipsalis terete ♦ Differs Bell-shaped flowers.Rhipsalis mezembriantemovidny ♦ shoots resemble branches of conifers, white flowers.Rhipsalis tolstokryly * Stem branched, jointed;segments flat, different shapes of elongated lower rounded up and almost triangular in the tips of shoots, toothed on the edge;dark green with a touch of purple;flowers yellowish.Rhipsalis Olle ♦ Stem up to 2 cm long, rounded at the base of it in cross-section, and then flattens the jagged edges;the flowers are white.


requirement to moisture: for cacti rather hygrophilous, requires abundant watering, but for better flowering is necessary to give the earthen who some

times dry, but not in the period of flowering and butonoobrazovaiiya.Need a good outflow of water.In the autumn reduce watering.

Temperature: special winter lowering the temperature does not need.The optimum temperature of this period - 15 -18 ° C.Seeds are germinated at 20 - 25 ° C.

Light mode: unpretentious.

requirement to soil: optimum ground from the sheet, humus and peat land in the ratio of 2: 2: 1 with the addition of peat moss, and charcoal.Good drainage is required.It is desirable to add to the brick substrate

chips or expanded clay.Positively responding ua feeding solutions of fertilizers during budding and flowering, for this purpose, or a special complex fertilizer for cactus, or conventional in the reduced twice in comparison with nesukkulentnymi concentration plants.

Reproduction: cuttings and seeds.

Other Features: can be grown in baskets or boxes.Good recovering from injuries.