family Araceae.Rhode philodendron.Natural climatic conditions: tropics and subtropics.

Perennials different shapes, but the rooms are grown species most often - the vines;usually have long aerial roots;Inflorescence - the cob wrapped tubular veil pastel colors (colors are different in different species);characterized Guttation (emphasis listyami- moisture), in which it is possible to predict the weather.

most common in the culture room types: * Philodendron Andre scansorial vine;leaves oblong-cordate drawn from the tip, with velvety satin sheen, brown-dark green with lighter veins.Philodendron warty ♦ Liana with curly angular rough stem, swollen at the nodes;leaves ovate-cordate, dark green with lighter veins on the underside of the leaf blade rounded crimson stain;covering the cob is very decorative: pink at the base, yellow and white at the top.It requires greater atmospheric moisture than other types.Philodendron gitarovidny ♦ Young shoots are reddish;leaves oblong-cordate.Philodendron Zell ♦ Tree p

lant under natural conditions up to 2 m in height;trunk is covered with beige or almost white spots - traces of fallen leaves;large leaves, up to 90 cm long and 70 cm wide, in outline deltoid, glubokoperistorassechennye with fairly numerous narrow blade portions, the lower of which can be peristorassecheinymi with a small number of segments;covered cob fleshy, inside yellow, outside the dark green.Shade-tolerant species.Philodendron elegant * Liana thick succulent stems and braid adventitious roots;twigs and petioles pubescent, leaves on long (40 cm) petioles, the large (about 40 cm in diameter), palchatorasse-chsinye green.Fast growing and easily propagated.Philodendron blushing * Stem thinner than the previous species, the young stems and petioles are reddish;leaves up to 20 cm long and 15 cm wide, with long petioles, ovate-thyroid, the young - a reddish-brown, mature - dark green with pinkish edges;spathe white, purple blanket.Shade-tolerant species.Philodendron scansorial * Creeping stems are thin and long, with conspicuous adventitious roots;leaves up to 15 cm long and 10 cm wide, heart-shaped, pointed at the apex, leathery, dark green, sometimes with a brownish tinge.Quite undemanding plant.Philodendron cheshuenosny ♦ scansorial vine;woody at the base of the stem, young shoots reddish-green;petioles are green, round and long (up to 30 cm in length), densely covered with scales, large leaves, up to 60 cm long and 40 cm wide, glubokovyemchatye, usually with five lobes, on top of plain dark green, bottom with a redpattern of veins;bedspread on the inflorescence of bright pink, bloom in March - April.Quite unpretentious culture plants.The requirement to moisture: uniform watering, abundant summer, mild winter.During the active growing season is necessary to spraying and wash the leaves;preferably several high atmospheric humidity.For irrigation is better to use soft water.

Temperature: heat-loving plants, it is best to feel the summer at 22 -24 ° C, in winter at 15 -16 ° C.Light mode: requires a strong diffused light, direct sunlight philodendron do not like.

requirement to soil: optimum ground from the leaf, greenhouse and sod land with sand in a ratio of 4: 2: 2: 1, there may be other options with a pH of 5.5 - 6. It is advisable to add to the substrate bone meal.

Reproduction: cuttings, seeds, air layering;cuttings are rooted in the sand.For rooting needs to be heated up to 30 ° C.

features: for vertical gardening is desirable are wrapped sphagnum support.