Live , comprehending not only all around, but the motives of their actions .

main thing with this - to accept the idea that people can be more important than the goals, principles and future.It is necessary to keep and his revolutionary idea - relations with people may be more expensive than rationalism.Constantly ask yourself whether your business more than human?

Maybe worth it.But we should not forget that the ill-perceived ingratitude, hurt people and thus spoiling your reputation.

Because you yourself suffer because he does not see the positive, you are all in negative feelings, you are all unhappy.At least one must be careful in his statements, even if you remain unconvinced.

paranoid person you have to be especially careful with senzitivami timid and prone to perceive the world in shades of gray gipotimii.Do not act like an elephant in a china shop.These will be easy to break.A isteroid vpadettaki hysterical.With the paranoid will be in difficulty - he, too, will go to your battering ram, and you can not avoid a frontal impact.Epileptoid?Well, except that Epileptoid wil

l support you, if you really LIKE him with his program.But he, too, with pride.Schizoid you smash the brain tissue so that it will not be able to participate not only in the brainstorming sessions, but in general was speechless with creative gift.

paranoid All this is important in your relationships with family, especially with his wife.

podstelil straw in the form of sincere empathy (empathy into the soul of another), interest in small personal experiences.s relatives.

advise you to peruse materials on the psychology of relationships and communication psychotechnics, undergo training.Everyone can at least slightly "screw up" yourself in those places where it is difficult for others, rather than to "inflate" the other.

not want?You think that you are lovely?I - for only when you come with serious mental injury, hazard pay to work with you to grow and will have nothing to pay.Will you beg?We will provide it to you.But what will happen to your self-esteem?

And now do not want to?Your business.But only once in those scrapes from which you can get with the help of the people, do not rely on the same people.If we manage to mislead the new - at the time they are with you, but ... for a short time, and not on all the time.

And if here I have not convinced, well, die alone, alone with the evil god, the god of gold, or even the benefit of a god in the far communist tomorrow, but no one close your eyes and will not give a proverbial cup of tea orduck to you to assist in her death ... Remember how Stalin died? ..

All that was said in the last paragraph refers to a situation of "you are paranoid."But if the family next to you paranoid, he also should not be uncomfortable in your presence.

I do not refrain from savoring cons, talk about how paranoid are heavy for the family.Horror as heavy as a nightmare heavy horror as heavy.Well, on the one hand, of course, if it is certainly psychopathy.And on the other - generally without paranoid there would be no social movement and social movements.Is it possible to live in a frozen world?So, paranoid change traditions, contribute to the development of society, the introduction of new social forms and new social forms pave the way technological innovations.They promote and moral development of mankind.In paranoid good - for all the people.Global.Psychotherapeutic technique, surgery, introduced a bill in the vaccine vial - all this is more important than help tidy.Disadvantages and advantages of a paranoid far away from one another, as the banks of the Volga.In fact - we see constantly irascible tyrant, and use from his ingrained in the liver of the book, read and retype the text which had relatives many times - in a few years.Moreover, it is unclear whether it is the use of social development that he preaches in this book, or only a conflict with the authorities.Well, nothing can be done, is "selyavidialektika".You have to if you do not reckon with it, then at least to keep in mind.

appeal to his wife with any psycho.Well, you have chosen your paranoid, admired his achievements, admired the way he admired the other, and,., Tamed.So, in response.We think about how to be.

give advice to take it (even better to say more pompously: implement acceptance) with its features, as they are, and as a counterweight to remember about the negative qualities of other psycho (optionally

necessarily hyperthymia, conservatism epileptoida, manipulyatorstve isteroida ...).It is necessary to discern and appreciate its positive aspects.Disadvantages as a continuation of the advantages and even the "dignity as a continuation of deficiencies" - let these two versions and will be in relation to the paranoid good start.Yes, paranoid positive qualities such as performance and the ability to think deeply and globally - continued inattention to the tears of a child, and especially to women's tears.We love him as he is, with his cons of its advantages.

The relationship with him is not necessary to imply anything, but we must all pronounce, to negotiate and come to an agreement.If agreed, it would be difficult to turn the hands of logic;but the contract is better to write in such a way to eliminate the contradictions in his interpretation.

With him, and with him it is advisable to follow the rules of psycho-techniques of communication.Interested in his proposals, achievements, refuse to humor in his address on the negative assessment of his personality and relics, charges and categorical, from the teachings and exhortations, even from the tips.

It makes sense to think, maybe he's right in their own innovations.Or just give up and not touch his folders, which are uneven, and spoil the aesthetics.

Finally touch on the financial issue in the paranoid family.It is best to agree on the main goals of the family.This will ensure that it is not necessary to specify each time.In addition, it would make sense to allocate household money, the rest is divided in percentage or absolute terms, which spends a wife and husband in their sole discretion for any reason.No one interferes in the other compartment.Less contact - less conflict.

So, moving towards each other with understanding the subtleties of psycho, we can prevent or mitigate conflict.

I would say that despite the scarcity of paranoid, their importance is so great that I decided to dedicate them to the large fragment of the book.And now for the epileptoidov marital problems.They are about half of all men and fifteen per cent among women.So it is statistically more significant psycho.