Anomalies choroid

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Genetic Diseases

anomalies choroid include absence of the iris, a defect of the iris tissue, ciliary body and choroid, the presence of the iris, in addition to the pupil, has one or more holes, offset pupil laterally relative to its correct location (in the center), "freckles", choroidal hypoplasia (aplasia), albinism.

Aniridia is a complete absence of the iris.This anomaly of the eye is often accompanied by photophobia.Visual acuity in these people is very low and little amenable to correction.Often there is an involuntary movement of the eyes in the horizontal direction.Aniridia sometimes combined with congenital glaucoma due to congenital disorders of the drainage system of the eye, which is the main way of water outflow from the organ of vision.

aniridia glaucoma without treatment is the artificial creation of the pupil.To do this, we recommend wearing a custom-made contact lens, which is painted on the periphery and in the center - Transparent.This mimics the lens pupil.

Coloboma of the iris is a defect in th

e form of a lack of a segment of the iris.Usually, such defect is located at the bottom, resembling in shape pear or keyhole, unlike acquired defect.Acquired iris coloboma may be located anywhere on the iris of the eye and is the result of a trauma or surgery.In congenital coloboma may both one- and two-sided defeat.Visual acuity with iris coloboma is usually slightly reduced.Treatment is not revealed.

POLYCOR - multiple defects in the iris, which constitute additional (except for pupil) holes.When this anomaly of the person has a certain visual discomfort and a decrease in vision.Treatment POLYCOR iris in the case of a significant reduction in vision and eye discomfort is plastic iris.

corectopia - eccentric arrangement of the pupil.To correct this violation is carried out surgical treatment.

Pupillary membrane (remnants of fetal tissue in the area of ​​the pupil) is often found in children.It can have different shapes, such as a web.Expressed and dense parts of the membrane, which are located in the central zone of the lens may lead to a decrease in visual acuity.Treatment of such malformations are usually not available.In rare cases, resort to microsurgical removal membrane.