Psychological compatibility in marriage

Click televizornym remote control several times after the zero hour - and come across a fat or emaciated women, almost always one of their appearance accidents, but ... ensuring the happiness of others.Each of them "putting protection", "eliminates damage", "returns the love", "solve the financial problems," "provides business success."I said, "women" because men are so less that we can say, that I was telling the truth.Also it is necessary to explain why.Probably for the same reason the witches were more than sorcerers.A and this and that - because women are more emotional and irrational, because they are less critical.And they not only speak, but also gently waving his hands.To impress.When, after graduating from medical school, I began working as a psychiatrist and engaged in hypnosis, it is also enthusiastically produced passes to impress.

Soviet psychiatry and psychotherapy in general as a part bednovaty ideas were, moreover, in 963, Soviet psychiatrists pronounced the name, for example, Freud wari

ly, as though not deprived of a diploma.About Frankl had never heard.About Fromme wrote articles only Soviet philosophers, and all about how he bourgeois and how distorted Marxism.So it was what allowed.Hypnosis is allowed because Academician Pavlov said several positive physiological words in his address.

So passes.Percentage of 3-4 patients is impressed, they fell into a deep state of hypnosis.Hypnosis gave results - five days, five weeks, sometimes for five months.But always it was just for a little while, but not on all the time and it was always in relation to the symptoms, and not in relation to the fate.Dr. Freud during his acceptance already abandoned hypnosis and went his own way - created psychoanalysis.Do not indulge in "megalomania", however I will say that I, too, gave up hypnosis and also went his way.But neither Freud nor his disciples nor modern therapists, myself included, do not promise to remove the evil eye or the return of her husband - the latter is still the lot of scoundrels or the result of thoughtlessness.

considerable place in all of this takes masturbation horoscopes topic.We broadcast that certain horoscope compatible with those not otherwise horoscopes.But no matter how much I tried to get to the primary sources, that is, until the initial research, it did not work.

What I mean by primary sources?It is necessary to take mnogomnogo people and describe the features of their characters, which all researchers agree.It is necessary that there was a recognized set of these signs.Each of the features described study it is only in this set.Then the people of this great and sluchaynostnoy sample grouped using these features, the similarity and differences.Next, it is necessary to see how these or other signs of the complexes are combined with various options for the location and dates of birth of the planets.In general, the work for a large scientific research institute for many years ... Alas, even the attempts to carry out such work, I do not know.Maybe because it is impossible to grasp the immensity, and can be, and they were not at all? .. But yet, it turns out nonsense.

If the authors of horoscopes offered though skolkonibud plausible hypotheses about the mechanisms of influence

positions of the planets, which could be checked ... So no this.On the contrary, the hypothesis of the influence of the planets on the location of the character traits cause sarcastic smile.Well, in what way, if you do not move away from the common sense, can affect the location of the planets on the fate and character traits of each individual?Spend the efforts of mankind to study without a realistic hypothesis - also hardly reasonable.

course of alchemy born chemistry.This means that if dedicate many lives kakomuto occupation, this will come something sensible."If you suffer a long time, anything should get."Better to say, can be obtained.But this does not mean that necessarily happens.Indeed, many alchemical hypothesis was not confirmed.Well not received alchemists gold from iron, no matter how priperchivali it.

So let us leave the question of horoscopes until better times, when humanity will not experience hunger and humiliation when cope with man-made (technical in origin) and anthropogenic (associated with human activity) disasters.Until then check the idle hypothesis - hardly even ethically.

I'm not going to systematically and completely cover the compatibility problem.I am going to discuss something that dropped my eyes.

And he fell primarily on the unity of value orientation.To begin with let us specify that the unity is manifested in two very different things.The similarity and compatibility of the couple needs.

If there is a similarity of needs, you should only submit one idea, the other grabbed her immediately.For example, the husband said:

- You know, in our cinema retrospective of Tarkovsky's films, from "Ivan's Childhood" to "Nostalgia", will run for the tickets ... And?

And as wife also watched several times, "Andrei Rublev" and "Mirror", she briefly agrees:

- Gee

Maybe compatibility.He loves to fish and catch brings pride, and she loves to cook freshly caught fish.Okay, so, for a primitive understanding.We continue the argument.He loves to write scientific concepts.And she knows and likes to do desktop publishing.You look - and money for another article increased the family budget.But you never know ...

Either way, the unity of high moral value orientations, tastes, ideals, interests and life plans optimizes marriage.Personality - is a constant choice of values.There is money - that they first buy that - in the second.Strongly differing set of values ​​"of the partners - it is a source of conflicts Value orientations are important for compatibility with people Including a spouse

But there is, in my opinion, and another, no less important point Compatibility for psycho I do.....represented just the most interesting. and new. right now, we are going to do close.

and if every psycho push through a more or less the same set of "lines" that will support the diagnosis. They can be clearly seennot only professionals, but also people who do not have the psychological microscope. to see what a button on the jacket a man hanging on two Threads attraction of two months, it is not necessary to test. but we would rather see it in schizoid. and so, step by step, sets out every psycho

sistemosozidayuschego As a scientist I almost tempted to make a detailed chart like Mendeleev But nauchnopublitsistichesky author I will strive to motivate the reader, and it is clear -.. due to the systemic.All the same some political not very demanding grid we will build.We will try to clarify the interaction of each most significant psycho every most significant psycho.At the same time, I will not give a complete description of psychological types, but only those of its features that make it easy or difficult relationships with other people.

clarified.Names psycho originally appeared in psychiatry.But it became clear that in the same way could be considered and the pattern of the individual.So each of us rightly to put this or that personality diagnosis.Maybe the less likely it will not figure personality and accentuation or psychopathy.But most of all - it is certainly drawing.