August 12, 2017 17:51 | Cacti And Other Succulents

Highland cactuses with an extensive root system and a spherical or cylindrical stems under natural conditions often tend to form colonies, which contributes to the development of basal offshoots.Ribs rounded stems, areola are located on tubercles;In most species the flowers are funnel-shaped, shirokootkrytye, flower tubes and fruit pubescent hairs or bristles.

most common in the culture room types: Lobiv Bakeberg ♦ Middle-sized cactus (up to 5 cm in diameter);the stem is globular or slightly elongated, light gray;thorns irregularly arranged, from brown to gray;carmine flowers.Bolivian Lobiv * Stem up to 10 cm tall, cylindrical, light-gray-green;spines very long, curved and intertwined, light brown;flowers pink-red with a lighter throat.Lobiv cinnabar red * Stem up to 15 cm in diameter, round-flat with clearly defined edges, old copies of the form side shoots;needle-like thorns, hard, light brown, the tip of the stem slightly pubescent;carmine flowers or a movie-Varna-red.Lobiv pautpinchastaya (pautinoko

lyuchkovaya) ♦ Middle-sized cactus (up to 4 cm in diameter);ball-shaped stem with a depressed tip;thin spines, adjacent to the stem, light brown;flowers with shiny glitter on a dark yellow to orange, reddish fruits.Relatively unpretentious cacti.Features:

requirement to moisture: no special features (in the winter contain almost no irrigation).

Temperature: In the winter dormant period optimum temperature 8 - 12 ° C.It does not just tolerate, but also needs a sharp daily temperature changes.

Light regime: very love of light in the summer, but in spring it is desirable to make shade light.

requirement to soil: pH - 5.6;zemlesmes optimal ratio of 4: 3: 3 of the turf and leafy land with a mixture of sand, to which is added the gravel chips, expanded clay or pieces of brick.

Reproduction: in addition to traditional methods, and more side shoots, suckers.

Other Features: needs ventilation of premises.