For active fidgets

Tradescantia helps a person to discover new areas of activity

cheerful and hectic Tradescantia - the perfect companion for active and active people, whose interests for some reason turned out to be closed in a confined space.If you're up to repair because of the annoying wallpaper, constantly move or rearrange the furniture, paintings outweigh -You urgently need Tradescantia.After all, this whole mess is because a hyperactive person can not find a better use of its power than spinning like a top.

special care

grows well in moderate light, but does not tolerate direct sunlight.In the deep shadows of the shoots are pulled, the leaves fade, the plant as a whole loses its decorative effect.From spring to autumn watering abundant, the land must be kept moist.Tradescantia can spend the winter in a cool, well in a warm room.When a cold winter reduce watering.In rooms with central heating require frequent spraying.Tradescantia is growing rapidly.Every two or three years the plant update

: take fresh apical cuttings and rooting in water.

Tradescantia helps vyrvatsya the vicious circle, to discover something interesting.This plant renovation with which life begins to shine with new colors.

family Commelinaceae.The genus Tradescantia.Natural climatic conditions: subtropical.Herbaceous plants ampelnye.The most common species in the room culture:

Tradescantia belotsvetkovaya "Stem glabrous, creeping;leaves up to 7 cm long, almost sessile lanceolate or pointed-ovate, plain green, but there are varieties with multi-colored stripes;inflorescence - curl, the flowers are white.

Tradescantia Blossfeldiana "type, approaching in some characteristics to succulents;stems creeping but ascending, pubescent;leaves up to 8 cm long, sessile, oblong or elliptical, pointed at tip, glabrous dark green, bottom-pubescent, purple;flowers in spicy curls with bracts white.

Tradescantia zebrovidnaya (zebrina drooping) ♦ The leaves on short stalks, alternate, similar form, with respect to the fleshy, reddish midrib, on top of the green at the base, the silver strip on either side of the vein can be considered as the main background, bottom reddish-purple or purplish-Red.

Tradescantia navicular * As Tradescantia Blossfeldiana view of approaching some characteristics to succulents;shoots glabrous, creeping but ascending at the ends, greenish-purple;leaves tightly pressed to the stem, up to 2 cm long, boat-shaped, pointed at the edge of the ciliated, succulent, grayish-green, dotted with purple dots.

Tradescantia Lodges * From all other species Tradescantia distinguished by the absence of long shoots;Leaves collected in the rosette, large (up to 20 cm long), oblong-oval, pointed at the ends, olive-green with a silver stripe along the midrib.

Tradescantia streamside * The stems are thin, long, purple;leaves to 4 cm long, shaped like Tradescantia belotsvetkovoy, green top, bottom violet;inflorescence - paired curls purple flowers on stalks, white.

All Tradescantia - undemanding plants.The rest period is not expressed.

requirement to moisture: moderate watering.Undemanding to humidity.

Temperature: optimum winter temperature - 13 - 18 ° C, but makes cooling to 7 ° C.

Light mode: moderate light, can grow in the corridors, hallways and other areas where there is no natural light;variegated forms are losing color in bright light.

requirement to soil: optimum ground from the turf and humus land and sand in equal parts;if too nutrient soil may be lost painting, however desirable fertilization with a predominance of potassium and phosphorus.

Propagation: Cutting shoots at any time of the year.Rooting cuttings can be in the sand and in the water.

Features: Tradescantia grow old quickly, so it is advisable frequent updating.