Poinsettia fairest ( Christmas Star )

family Euphorbiaceae.Rhode puansetiya.

natural climatic conditions: subtropical Mexico.

perennial shrub with palchatonadrezannymi, almost like a maple, but in the main the outline triangular leaves collected at the tips of shoots bracts outlet - flowers;ordinary leaves green bracts are brightly colored (depending on the variety, "Annette Hegg Divo" - in crimson-red color, "Annette Hegg Pink" - in pink, "Annette Hegg White '- white, etc..) and provideOrnamental plants, these flowers are inconspicuous, yellow.Flowering time is usually falls on January-March, but can be changed due to the conditions of detention.The rest period is incomplete, the suspension is determined by the growth of new leaves and shoots.

requirement to moisture: moderate, close to the economical glaze (approximately 2 times a week), to the humidity generally undemanding plant, except for the period of budding and flowering, when it is desirable to improve.

Temperature: One of the most important factors of the normal flowering, whi

ch should be strictly observed.During budding flowering 20-25 ° C, followed by vegetation - about 20 ° C, rest period (lasting 4 to 8 weeks) - 10-15 ° C, increasing gradually.To increase the flowering period after the appearance of the "flowers" you can once again make a cool (20 ° C and below).Short frosts are not afraid.

Light mode: pronounced short-day plant.In the period of rest - not more than 8 hours of daylight hours, followed by gradual elongation (parallel to the rise in temperature) and a permutation on the southern window period from the beginning of budding.

requirement to the ground: not whimsical (almost any sufficiently nutritious zemlesmes can be used).During the period of budding and flowering - fertilization.

Reproduction: apical cuttings (having 5-6 internodes) in the period of rest or in the beginning of the growth;plant has mlechniki that requires action to stop the allocation of milky juice.

Features eventually bracts listya- "petals" are converted into ordinary, their partial shedding - a normal phenomenon.