The eggs grow old with her mother, and the older the mother , the more likely genetic defects .

fathers is the case in this respect somewhat differently.Spermatogenesis (so to say, the production of sperm) occurs all life to a ripe old age.And each time the newly formed sperm - "straight from the tin."So from older fathers children - bezgeneticheskih defects.Incidentally, due to significant difference in age between me and Lena - this was also taken into account.Katya is pleases us health and development.

Television exaggerates uneven marriage - also because strawberry.

What problems in uneven marriage?I mean, it is certainly a situation where much older husband.When - his wife, then it is certainly the nature decides for us.Marriage - it's parenthood.Well it is impossible to become the mother of the woman in old age.And do not I agreed, so I do not claim to.

I'm just a consultant - and I say what is and what I think.I think this is not a reason to condemn love to give peak Jacks.But not a lot of reason to discuss psychological problems in such a marriage.But appearing on television screens "une

qual marriage" problem, in which the husband is older, it makes sense to discuss.

moral problem.One young man on the recording of the TV show said:

- These old people discourage us our brides.

Argue hard.Slugger.But then the competition, and what do you want.Here, too, we must take a personality rather than impersonal chemto (no cash, we talked about, but that's not youth).Pukirev famous paintings "The Unequal Marriage".But there is another matter, a girl there gave out forcibly.And now we ought to be called "Forced marriage".The essence of the other, the problem shifts to the age difference to freedom of expression.

Pushkin's famous phrase:

- Late, Dubrovsky.But it could be:

- Early, Dubrovsky.

Women often choose not to youth and physical strength, and depth of thought and feeling, experience and reliability.

And the question is not in fact rests on a very big difference.I repeat I have cited figures AB Sinelnikov.3.4% of grooms aged 4044 years and 32.9% of grooms 3539 years married women under the age of 30 years.That is, what is this?This is far from being old, and married ladies who on 0-5-20 years younger.

there are sexual problems.But far from actual sexual function disorders.Here's a typical situation is sexy.Twenty-five and forty-five businessman mother of his children.I specifically said that the mother of his children.Marriage kind of settled.Both on my psychotherapeutic consultation paint a picture.In the evening it can not.Speaks:

- There are forces just collapse.In the morning it can not.Speaks:

- No Force open the eyelids, rather than something that spread her legs, and even withstand the weight of his huge body.I want to watch the dreams.

day she brings up children.And if he will call and then again, just leaned against the couch, and immediately began to snore.

Well, we have to work less, earn less money for the "more gold chains," and then more strength left for the evening and daytime seksseansa.And it will not get sexual experience in a dream.

vdovstvovaniya problem.But when a spouse dies - is, alas, too subsistence life - he continues to live in the children, in our souls, in the photograph, the portrait on the wall, and now in the videos;that come to visit his grave and put a candle in the nearest church (whether native or not believe, the temple - it specifically recall ever living relative).


living, important as living,


does not die at all, if the soul is its image.

On the other hand ... I once met on the train suprugovZaptistov.The husband was younger.Well, not as in the above & lt; classical "subjects, but much younger.And the people were aged.We made friends on the trip time (from Tallinn - Moscow).They started to respect me for the knowledge of the Evangelical texts say that because I went to a good elder.And even poschrili New Testament.Then it was a meaningful gift - publication of religious literature, the government limited.A husband progzvel struck me as a phrase that is meaningful to remember.He said that no one knows the hour.What am I ... In principle, the older husband, the widowhood have longer.This average.But here God works in mysterious ways.One 50letnyaya dotsentsha married 75letnego professor (in the case of life).I mused as she would have in 5 years 0 to be a widow.Fate decreed otherwise.In the second year of marriage, he became a widower (the second time).Cancer.And nowhere to go.Well, mind me, I'm not, I do not ... But the case is more typical.Young Strong to give birth.And it just shot.

or crippled.Or planted.Or he divorced because the villain role and changed the composition of its life performance.Because young wife want all at once.

But kakieto problems are smoothed.If the husband is older than 5-20 years, the possibility of power has more.It turns out that this provides a balance.Recall that there is increased and its financial significance, and he speaks confidently and matured, and sexually experienced and calmer.

If the husband is much older, added other experiences.Problems with his adult children.Wills problem.Thoughts of death.

for some men last marriage - swan song.Awakens sentimentality, desire for romance.But not for romance, "and I'm going for the fog" type, and for travel to historical places.Again - a craving for poetry.So I have:

My love for you is imperishable as the name of an ancient - Elena.

If the marriage with her hand to a certain extent on the calculation, there may be problems of mercantilism.One young woman, marrying a venerable old man, required him to obedience for "access to the body."Well, it is not necessary to marry a predator.Even if you are still well off like a man, not only have the condition.

may be a problem different social circle.But they can not represent.

My druzyarovesniki fit well into the circle of our family communication.As a friend of Lena.School friend Lada, whose husband - the same age as her, comes to us, we come to it.The new girlfriend (my former student) Nadia ... Friendship lasts for years already.