Uneven marriages

Ooi, love for all ages ... And we add that sometimes human love is not of an age, the majority of which is authorized.Well, it is about love adult uncles and thirteen nymphet already very well written Vladimir Nabokov's novel "Lolita" and I before him did not reach, no matter how much I improve yourself in Creative Writing.About a young man to love an old and quite ugly lady better than I already wrote Lion Feuchtwanger's novel "Ugly Duchess."And there, and there are tragic stories.And me too, so I identified myself, have to understand the stories of ordinary and certainly at least in part from a less frequent.

The most common variant of the age ratio, of course, is that about the same age, but he is still older than she, within a dozen years.Slightly less than 0% of marriages - older wife.These include incomplete 0% and our follower Swiss ugly Duchess Margaret, Countess of Tyrol - izvestnayapreizvestnaya pop singer.So famous that lead her name simply unnecessary.But the difference in the age of say, so

mewhere the same.Her marriage with the singer just then became not less well-known, stirred up the whole of our multi-ethnic country.

But not remember "heroes and heroines" (this was in the early nineties), one transmission in the TV program "Subject" I just can not, because I was involved as an expert on the podium.Here it is necessary to stop and savor.There are experts on television, commenting on the events of the first series.And there are experts "on the podium."So, once (transmission led more leaves) I was invited to the "Subject" and usadilitaki only in the first row.And my friend Aleksandr Moiseevich Poleeva.- on the podium.Although next to me sat a very eminent and prestigious Yining, he, too, even Arkady (as I am), I was not alone: ​​the field - on the podium, but I was just in the front row, although near Yining.We have psychologists and psychotherapists, too, pride - to burn us in the fires of hell.And so, when the editor of "Threads" Oksana Naychuk called me and said that now uneven marriages - otkommentiruyut, please, I immediately her with resentment: that, they say, will be like the last time in Listeva, I'll be in the front rowand the field - on the podium?

- NoNo you, Arkady Petrovich, you are - on the podium, and the field - in the first row.

I said. "Okay"And I am sitting on the podium, and the field was sitting in the front row

Well, the joke I told all this, of course;I then spoke many times in various television shows and on the podium, and in the first row from the field, and with other experts, and all alone.I have no ambition in this regard.

Tu "Topic" led "the lady in the age, but with a Fan" Lydia Ivanova.Next to me (on the podium) sat young, somewhere around thirty years, "Composer" singer.Yes, I quote: writing songs, not the same symphony.And his wife - his age thirty years, is clearly not the Duchess, but certainly similar to Margarita

Maultash.As it turned out, his producer.He strongly praised her, talking about her unusual mental qualities ...

I did not then conduct a real psychological analysis, for which we must be not only a psychoanalyst, but even a psychologist: Capital prodyusersha and Rastignac Mtsensk.But the TV show - is a game that has its "decorum" even if there is no mask on his face, there is peace of a masquerade.What if the noise ... It's not even specialize in scandals "Windows", but only the "Subject".So I moved the arrow to the psychological analysis of psychoanalysis and did not fail to enlighten viewers on television concerning the Oedipus complex (unconscious desire a son to his mother).A field is also translated arrows, but not in psychoanalysis, and psychophysiological sexology.He explained all the similarity of sexual temperament of a young man and an elderly woman.With young woman troubles.If he did not bring the potatoes, then it fails.I said then that it was written in my article "Sexology removes prohibitions" in the collection "Popular Psychology for parents": garbage not taken out - sexual intercourse is not.And the field said that, they say, the garbage can, and then the potatoes.I said that, yes, there is a difference, but it is small.With Poleevym we quarreled, on the contrary, strengthened our mutual understanding.,

for "composers" of the singer and zhenyprodyusershi the show was, of course, significant advertising - they are still not well known.But for Lydia Ivanova transfer prostotaki proved fateful.After a short time she found herself 8letnego youngster, and it was the highlight of the month, I do not remember what, but the events.Feyhtvangerovskaya Duchess Maultash probably turned over in his grave with envy.On the box it all discussed, and Lydia Ivanov was now in the spotlight.However, I decided not to comment on it either from the podium or from the first row.

I do not blame them, but violence and deliberate deception.Such marriages also occur and, perhaps, have the right to exist.

more frequent are of less frequent marriages where the husband is much older.Do not hide your age difference between himself and the wife of composer Vladimir Shainskiy, never leave us: Turn on the radio - the one that other grustnoveselaya song reminds us of sunny world in which they live

and perfectly developed his two children.Almost the first of those daredevils announced himself, his wife and son always smiling Oleg Tabakov.In the famous writer Leonid Zhukhovitskii daughter about seven years (to his wife yet thirty), despite the fact that he - about seventy.A year ago, in the program "What does a woman want?" I'm an expert (the first row) commented on the marriage of Anna and Vladimir.She - 26, he was 66. They are waiting for a second child.History and tragic.Anya was in love with the son of Vladimir, pop singer Igor Sorin (from the group "Ivanushkiinterneshnl"), who committed suicide.In this regard, she came to the house of the parents idol ... and stayed with his father (poet and artist)."God's ways are inscrutable," and "Do not judge - you be not judged."

It is clear that in all these cases, the young woman sank to the middle-aged men, important in social terms, and not just have a good earning.I repeated his aphorism: a woman must "conquer" the person, rather than cash.These most common of the least frequent cases are discussed with less conviction than the marriages of young men from the peak ladies (with or without a fan).Therefore, probably, such marriages more.But if my face and slid evil smile, I am sorry.Suppose here, "Do not judge - but will not be judged."The more so because I myself do not profess, and celibacy, and I in the mirror of public morality - a smart aleck, and only.

But try to justify.I am not an example of the older (Tabakov, Shainsky and Zhukhovitskii) stimulated.When I'm in my 55 years after his first marriage is not left alone, I was not looking for a young woman.But decent comparable age were added to (or already has).Well, I had to abandon the happiness that gave me a rock in my 57?Lena was 9 when we met.I called her at the club "The Little Prince", where he studied with studentamipsihologami.These were not the regulations required classes, and additional voluntary.Those who went to them, frankly respect me.With some of them, Lena became friends (and some of some friendships that lasts to this day).Women need to conquer a person, rather than cash.And my age is not for Lena turned net.Another two courses she has studied at the Faculty of Economics, a month lasted formalities in the local registry office.A year later, Kate was born (the beginning of the year 200 - so that Katya - the same age as the XX century).It is now - the most important thing in our Telegram

vie, the main topic of conversation, zabothlopot sometimes unimportant differences.Lena always liked more than a village, than the coastal resort city of Sochi.Coincidentally, and me - more.So here is my high score Lena adequate intelligence.Note that it is within two years of teaching in seven seventh grade rather complicated even for students of teacher training Universities material "Labyrinths of thinking."And this creative work with me she also liked.And our work on the creation of the individual in the face of our Katie - even more.

say (it must still check) that couples with a large age difference between the older man and his young wife children are talented.I do not know.Katya, at least, I am happy in all respects.She will focus on here are still many pages.

But now I will turn the attention of only one clearly important for many people, circumstance, which is not usually referred to in popular scientific literature.