Astrophytum ( star cactus )

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Cacti And Other Succulents

His second name is typically desert cactus genus Astrophytum received for the original structure of the stem with few severe (5 - 8 pieces) massive ribs on the cut stalk looks like a star.Another characteristic feature is the presence of small puchochkov short woolly hairs soft, which is why these cacti are covered with white specks appear.As a rule, it is quite large, but slow-growing cactus;their stems are never branched.Another genus Astrophytum hallmark is the structure of the flower: corolla tube always pubescent, flowers are large, funnel-shaped, shirokootkrytye.

most commonly cultivated indoors types: Astrophytum Asterias * Smallest view;stalk flattened-spherical ribs are expressed very weakly

, dark green;no thorns, white specks very much;Flowers to six cm in diameter, golden yellow with a red throat, gray-red fruits.Astrophytum ibex * The stem is globular or slightly elongated ribs 8 - 9 sharp, high;Only spines in mature specimens, small, thin, long, curved to the top, quickly fall;brownish sp

ecks, turn white over time;yellow flowers with carmine or red throat, pure yellow in some varieties;elongated fruits, red.Astrophytum speckled * Young specimens are spherical, but with the age of the stalks are drawn, typically five ribs, stem gray-green;no thorns, areolas are covered disappearing with age brown hair, white specks are many;shirokootkrytye flowers (sometimes referred to as "the Episcopal miter"), yellow, they may receive up to 3 pieces.Most undemanding species of this genus.Astrophytum senile * Young stems are globular, old - cylindrical, green, eight ribs, edges are sharp, they are near the top of spirally twisted;no thorns, only specks on young copies;flowers up to 6 cm in diameter, yellow with a reddish throat, oblong fruit, red.Astrophytum decorated * Young stems are globular, old - columnar, gray-green in color, edges, eight, sharp faces near the top are spirally twisted;subulate spines, reddish or brownish specks are arranged arcuate pattern;flowers appear only on older plants, 9 cm in diameter, light yellow.Pretty simple species.


requirement to moisture: Glaze winter stopped almost completely.Very drought-resistant.

Temperature: winter temperatures are optimal content of below 10 ° C, except Astrophytum Asterias, which requires temperatures in the range 12 - 15 ° C.Light Mode: the most love of light.Requirements to soil: very picky about the soil (structure named above).

Reproduction: in addition to all common methods of cacti, and even freshly harvested seeds.

Other Features: does not tolerate transplanting, if necessary, replace it with better trans-shipment.It is important not to bury in the soil root neck for stability it is recommended obkladyvat small pebbles.