The roles of husband and wife are considered equal , as the share of their participation .

And then it turns out that the work for the money that brings a husband and walks with your baby, and wash, even in the washing machine brand "Indesit" and walking "three homes" for products - all add up and divide in half.And what, then,

this dependency?This is only morally defective tsarskostalinskohruschevskobrezhnevskoeltsinskie so officials could formulate.A hristianskofrommovskie psychologists equate.So, Mom, "not working", but it is in quotation marks;We believe that we earn together.

And if you do not believe that there is absolutely dreadful "logic".In essence, prostitutochnaya.If we do not "wife", that is, not in a harness, then I believe a woman should be more expensive to sell.I have a jewel - a sexy beauty (virginity, okay too, will not be considered a jewel).Here eeto and need to better sell.It can be manipulated - not you buy, there are others.You can bargain for it about: who will give more.And my husband is trying to compete.Get money to win in this competition can only crime.So the e

xpert, the leading psychological investigation of murder, theft, fraud and other, must keep in mind the famous phrase "Cherche la FAM" - "Look for the woman".

We came to another interesting question.Among the aggressive and controversial statements "father of Russian democracy" of Vladimir Zhirinovsky is one with which I have to agree.He also believes that men commit crimes for the sake of women.Other sayings of his - such as the fact that women should be enough to drive, - I can not support.

Therefore, I, together with Zhirinovsky, saying that often the cause of crime - woman.NoNo, a woman, of course, not a vessel of evil, as some theologians.But cause-chain it is woven.And it's the more nasty.A man, to grab on loans for shares much of our heritage, it is important not just possession.Of course, he can get 2 hours for $ 200 US a moving dummy woman from meat, bones and scraps of rotting soul.But frankly commercial dehumanized prostitutochny option - it is for "internal use".And he must semblance of love.What can brag in front of half-educated 'brother, who was expelled from the university?Beautiful "official" mistress or wife better drawn through the registrar * But this is much more expensive.Even better to marry her, and that - even more expensive.For this he must for

manifest itself as a superman.In its terms of this donated her jewelry, apartments, villas, cars, tennis, horse prrrrrr ... (great gentlemen's set is endless).Otherwise, it will go ... to the one who showed her himself as Superman.It turns out that his wife sometimes - an expensive hooker ...

Well, take any modern horror film.By the way, almost any modern movie - it's a horror movie.Well, at least "Brigade".Geroylyubovnik - klikuha White - gives you like a girl a bouquet of flowers.This is his future wife ... Romance - how cool is not it?The only trouble is that he stole a bunch of ... a monument.But do not think is too bad: NoNo, not a monument at the cemetery and the monument to Tchaikovsky ... near the Moscow Conservatory ... According to the authors, perhaps it is, if not a heroic action, it is quite cute ...

But further- more.He gives her an apartment."Lads," tried resettled communal.Boys also whitewashed: good friends, do not bring the main Bro - White.Command.No, BRIGADE He also grease whitewash: protects her honor from another bastard.But then even more: he shoots in a row in all their enemies - and falls (where such accuracy?), Too, in all.Well, William Tell Well Robin Hood And then, salvation, sends his wife and son on a long trip abroad (he will come to it later), probably looted from a penny ... you can shed a tear ..

«Gangster Petersburg" ... Almostall the same.Well, not Bezrukov, so singers (artists, okay, just decent, not bad play for a given scenario) ... What is the difference ... not an antibiotic, so another poison ...

Despite the mediocre scripts, much like the truth.If we think that this is just fiction films authors abruptly to entertain the people, there is.I look back in anger - and you see skinheads (who only area), and even "respectable" steep domains.And all in chains.Right revolutionaries.Those, too, walked in chains, only iron and feet.And these in golden chains.In thick.And thick necks.Absurd.And he was like a feast during the plague, many indulge.

Given that all so happened that his wife - too often, in fact, an expensive prostitute, sell more expensive, wishing to give themselves chic, ready to bring this to sell

and sell for more expensive gingerbread.It was she, and later her children pushed to all of the great businessman risks, which came on the road leading to the satanic temple.

Want anecdote?Figured it out myself.

New Russian savage with hip purse, descending from the abdomen, asked:

- Is that a member of this with you?

- No, it's a bag of money.

- A member of the where?

- And what do I member, if there is a bag of money.

To use if expensive prostitutes, for marriage whether mediocre promoted canary, to hold themselves about whether the mother of his son - guys go to the crime?And what else?No, of course, and for the sake of power, and for hedonic experiences ... But this is compared with a woman, if in itself - a trifle.For the women's all done for the sake of his beloved, and "loving" for the family ...

But ...