For families where passions run high

Ivy adjusts to good communication, prevents quarrels

This plant will help the spouses, who often quarrel or argue.Ivy neutralize conflicts, relieves stress.Under the influence of ivy energy home it becomes softer, and the people are friendly and tolerant of each other.Although Ivy does not cool, but only normalizes the emotional background, do not keep it in the bedroom, it is better to find a place in the living room or kitchen.

Ivy have to give to newlyweds as a "preventive" plants to cute misunderstanding does not turn into a serious quarrel.

Features care

plant shade tolerant, but a small amount of light is developing very slowly.At the same time in direct sunlight the leaves fade and even takes on a reddish hue.Ivy grows well in cool and warm rooms.

Ivy needs support.If you do not take care of the "cultural" support, Ivy begins stick clauses koreshochkami to wallpaper, trim the balcony, trying to reach the light.

Young plant will grow better at the annu

al transplant into a light nourishing soil mixture.Propagation ivy cuttings.

family Araliaceae.Rhode ivy.

natural climatic conditions: dry and wet subtropics of Europe, Asia and America.

woody vine;pubescent young shoots, on the stems are sucker-roots, by which ivy is attached to a support, fertile shoots of the roots are deprived;Leaves alternate, mostly five lobes (lobes can be 3 - 7), leathery, the original kind of dark green with lighter veins, the varieties - different colors, including variegated, eg "Gratsier", which has leaves withwhite spots;flowers in globular inflorescence umbrella, inconspicuous, greenish-yellow.

relatively undemanding plant.

requirement to moisture: moderate watering and spraying the summer.Excessive watering leads to yellowing.

Temperature: can carry a variety of temperature conditions, it grows well in the range of 14 to 24 ° C.At colder temperatures slow growth, but the leaf color brighter at high temperatures - on the contrary.

Light mode: generally undemanding plant, but in the shadow of the variegated varieties stain fades.

requirement to soil: optimum ground from the turf and humus soil with peat and sand in a ratio of 2.1: 1: 1, but other options are possible.

Reproduction: cuttings from the aerial roots, which root in the sand;Shoots may be integral to the substrate was added dropwise;grafting.

features: for vertical gardening needs support.The presence of air allows roots give the plant an unusual form, such as ring-: for this part of the two shoots near the tops of the roots dropped into the upper part of the future of the ring, and the very top is free, on the sides of the stems tied to a pole or rope anchorages.Thus garlands can be given the shape of ivy as different patterns.The original plant can be obtained by instilling its rootstock to a high of Aralia.