nettle family.Rod saw.

natural climatic conditions: tropical South Vo iochnoy Asia and America.

Most members of the genus - stunted, strong-novetvyaschiesya herbaceous plant with opposite leaves.

most common in the culture room types: Pila Cadieux * Concerning tall representative of the form: can reach 60 cm in height, although its average growth of about 40 cm;shoots erect, mature - ampelnye;leaves up to 10 cm long, oblong-oval, at the top of the rounded-toothed, on a sheet plate well are three veins, painted in green color with mostly silver background;inflorescence axillary, racemose;flowers are inconspicuous, small, whitish.Pile listopokrovnaya ♦ Stems fleshy;leaves elongated with jagged edges, wrinkled, pubescent, veins on top of a dark green background with the main copper-red tint, the lower side of the leaf blades of wine-red;flowers are pinkish-red.Pile small-leaved ( "artillery plant») ♦ low-growing (up to 15 cm tall) plant;succulent shoots, profusely branching, sprawling, densely leafy;smal

l leaves (half a centimeter long), oblong-elliptic or rounded, light green;inflorescence schitkoviddae very feature pi-Leu cordata - throwing clouds of pollen in the anther dehiscence, for which she received a second name.Pile monetolistnaya ♦ Stems creeping, thin;rounded leaves, about 1 cm in diameter, and light green.Pile tender ( "Moon Valley *) ♦ Young shoots are erect, mature lodge, ampelnye;leaves 5-6 cm long, ovate-oblong, toothed on the edges, corrugated, slightly hairy, iridescent coloration from green to bright pink tones.* Leaves Spruce saw back-heart-shaped, serrated on the edge, have a bubble-growths, folded, matt-shiny, green-brown-red.There are different varieties differ in color.The requirement to moisture: uniform abundant watering, cutting some winter;measures to artificially increase the atmospheric humidity in normal conditions does not require;but when too dry air brown spots appear on the leaves.In such cases it is desirable spraying.

Temperature: heat-loving plant, the optimum temperature in the range 18-24 ° C below 16 ° C brings bad.

Light regime: sun-loving, shade tolerance but direct sunlight does not like;optimal eastern and western exposure.

requirement to soil: optimum ground from the turf and humus land with peat and sand in equal parts, but other options are possible.

Reproduction: cuttings throughout the year, which can be rooted in the sand.

Features: grows best in low wide container.Pile gentle growing rapidly and bares shoots, so it is advisable frequent updating of plants for her (apical shoots are cut and used as cuttings).