Love is always the bonds .but these bonds of non-burdensome , if there is love ...

And then there is the case of my psychotherapy practice.Freedom-loving husband 24letny Sasha did not want to permanently say goodbye to his men now.He participated in the bachelor, drinking, come home to your favorite Lada, they say, lukewarm.He did not change - stag do.All inquiries protested, saying, "Well, why are you, really playing cards, and all ..." And yet, Lara can not stand it and went to her mother, and there podrugizavistnitsy convinced her that a stag does not happen.Lada learned that another bachelor party will be "at Seregi ', I came back, and there were also friends chito.So that marriage upset.

But the opposite situation.Also from my consulting practice.My patient told me that one day when my husband was on a business trip, she called their mutual friend and offered to meet.She explained that today can not because carries dry cleaning coat of her husband;tomorrow can not because the article reprints husband;and the next day comes the husband, and that's when meet.Empty-handed, "a family

friend" who wanted to separate relations, bowed in a telephone conversation.What it was a pleasant surprise to his wife, when she heard from her husband that he had heard this conversation.He called home at this time in Chisinau and could not connect, and heard the conversation.This clearly strengthened their love and trust.

Oh and if the wife tends to cause a feeling of jealousy ... If it shows interest in other men, says of the possibility and acceptability of treason and replace ... And even then it comes to the actual demonstration of adultery with her husband (I meannot treason, dictated by a new deep love and betrayal is a coercive measure) ... She does it, perhaps unwittingly.She thinks that it will strengthen its position in this couple.And it is very much mistaken.Jealousy

only can simultaneously spur love.It is at this point ready to do anything she did not go away (or back).But then CRACK grow.Glued broken vessels LOVE leaking.

husband later received a replacement capabilities (in this we have already figured out), and revenge.

So prodeklariruem with shouting again (and then again and again): FIDELITY WILL NOT BE jealousy

Later our discussion of marital conflicts all threads started well removed from the center.So let's Now for aesthetics in marriage on the principle that falls on the eye, as long as it applied to marriage.