And talk about a child is best done with the mother in the presence ' Wie child.

lovely wife if still unbearable, .to recheck yourself, is it.Do all you do is correct.Are all the tools that you have applied in the negotiations, were adequate, humane.Psychotechnics communication was there always optimal, including during the confrontation;Does it comply with the prescriptions.If not - go training, announced in "Labyrinth of communication."Well, if it is certainly "vmogotu" if you can tolerate, and if the negotiations it is certainly also still possible ... refrain from treason to the declaration of divorce.And continue the negotiation process.If all unless explicitly unbearable and you announced the divorce, try All the same, to ex-husband did not know about your new relationship.I already wrote about the motives: it is for him to psychological trauma.From a humane attitude to your past romance with him, out of pity for the person with whom lived most of his life, the father of your child, from a desire to parent cooperation.Better to let it be unclear for him.Better to let it be, tha

t you have gone away from him, and not to komuto.Perhaps during this time he will get used to life without you, maybe, too, will find a replacement, do not let such a wonderful wife like you, but not all alone, still full of the man beside him.And if it turns out better than you (oh, how hard it is to believe) - and then be prepared to do so.On your world is large enough.Even so, better to keep parental cooperation.In any case, your hand must be a delicacy - are you left him, and he did not leave you.

Dear young men if it is certainly a break did not occur on your will, and initiated by her betrayal went ... If ... Of course, you can indulge in a full masochism can

crawl before it can plead ... Often it is necessary andfor some piece of your past perseverance, for disagreeing with its "leading" and "guiding" role in your family failed to receive a reward in the form of what you crawl and beg ... and you find this plaintive buzz ... in the end, youstill get bitter reality gap.You just only prolong the agony of this little death.

better to do otherwise.Bite the bullet.Treat this as a natural disaster like a natural disaster..Say to yourself, like an Oriental fairy tale hero, "And this too shall pass."But tell with confidence - because the reasons for this is.I opened for you, that your best years still ahead.Yes, divorce - a little death.But you are reborn to a new life in this life.We really are living more than one life, and more, and not in the spirit of Buddhist reincarnation, but in the sense that every period of life - this is a new little life, enriched by the experience of previous small lives ... not interested in her, nor onother channels her sexual relations.Minimize contact.Only kvartirnopropisochnye cases and contact with the child.Suggest something for the baby business.Led in the development center, a music school, a polyclinic.Offer to buy for a child the right things, drugs.But do not give her anything, not to go down masochistic courtship.

We talked also about changing everyday stereotype.Indeed, people hardly tolerate change usual, the first order.If the young husband would be and this is experienced as something dramatic, it is indeed in the life of zabuksuet.Man, look for all sorts of TV programs on one kuhonnokulinarnym Julia Vysotsky fall Makarevich, Dolinsky, men visiting from other countries ... So quietly survive this period, not waiting for travel, and will try to become cancel cooking.And in the next marriage will take the lead in the kitchen in his hands.She agrees;it is necessary to agree.It is necessary that it has taken this reduction of energy costs kuhonnodomashNim problems.We have a with you - quite a detailed discussion 6 cooking.

So husbands need to be more humane after crossing crossed.Do not forget: you're on a horse.Yes, she PLO

ho behaved, abused power.But almost all the women - such.And you were better than it is, because you already know about these regularities (she did not know) because you ratsionalistichnootvetstvenny.