pemphigus longifolia

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Carnivorous Flowers

Urticularia longifolia

Rosette bright green oblong-oval leaves with a rounded tip surmounted by an unusually elegant single flowers on long stalks.The color of flowers pale lilac, lower petals large oval, the upper beak form of inflated spherical core.

shape and color of flowers in pemphigus is so refined, elegant and original, that they are often compared with orchids.Especially showy flowers U. satreShapa (AP prekrasnokolokolchatoy), resembling open fan of saturated scarlet, which have bladderworts quite rare.

pemphigus have one of the most difficult hunting devices.Traps - thin oval bags, usually not more than 3.2 mm in size.Inlet trapping bubbles surrounded branched hairs, antennas and cover thickened valve opening just inside the cavity of the bubble.On the outer side of the valve are the glands that produce substances that attract aquatic insects and other small animals.At the slightest touch the valve opens and the "victim" with a current of water is trapped.View from inside the valve is not p


Courtship.Pemphigus is required bright ambient light, but it feels nice and light partial shade, but flower painting at the same time becomes less bright.

optimum temperature of 20-22 ° C, for epiphytes - up to 30 ° C.

As a substrate, a mixture of peat moss, fern roots, perlite and sand.A simpler option - a mixture of peat soil and sand.Plants epiphytic best mixture of peat with perlite, and for ground - peat soil with sand.The substrate is always kept wet.For planting use a shallow container, as the roots develop in the upper layers.

Pemphigus reconciled with a sufficiently low in comparison with other carnivorous plants humidity - up to 50-60%.

During the growing season it watered soft water 2-3 times a week.

Aquatic species are cultivated as the Aldrovandi.Useful high content of C02 in water.To induce flowering, it is necessary to increase the light intensity.