The end of the twentieth anniversary of the conjugal

now also collectively, in general, we describe the situation, characteristic of, let's say, the twentieth year of marriage, of course, if it is saved.According to our "theorem" at this time, almost all levers of power transferred to her husband.

scheme demonstrates that this transition does not occur immediately, but gradually.But now we have to discuss the outcome of this process ... So, the twentieth year of protracted conjugal "match" in the struggle for power.

Analyzing the situation in the first years of marriage, we're kind of even aggravate the difficulties experienced by young husband.Then we kind of felt sorry for her husband only.And the women reading this material could even conclude that I take toward men.But no, I'm not "against anyone" I am for those and for others does not everything was in favor of the young men in the early years.And by the way, the young men of my mother in connection with this balance of power, too, is very much affected, but they are women, so I regret them.When my

grandmother by the Pope rob grandchildren, then it's taken away from women.

opposite picture emerges in the twentieth year of marriage.Not in favor of having lived with her husband for twenty years of his wife.And we would like to feel sorry for now her.These are our "like" means that regret really need both, and we describe the processes as they are.Now here it is time to feel sorry for his wife.I will tell you in advance that, in the end, a woman suffers more.Therefore, it is necessary to regret it more.But this does not negate the fact that the young husband, too, need to show compassion and kindness.Then the position of the wife is not so heavy, because kindness begets kindness.Well, if he is at the same time will behave badly, and we condemn the siege.And maybe it will be good? ..

These long preamble show that I did not get down to business.With a heavy heart that I begin this difficult conversation.But not indefinitely delay the same the beginning.So with God

What can be said about the replacement of one variant to another at the end of twenty years?We remember that it depends primarily on the degree of attractiveness of each spouse.


- Who's on this twentieth year of marriage more attractive?

choir (with a sigh):

- probably man ...

have to admit that it is so.He matured, became pomuzhski beautiful.Of course, within the allotted nature.But even its gray color.She did not younger.She has gray hair color.

Such is life.But this is also the will of women.They try pryamotaki age.What I mean?

First of all, abuse kosmetikoygrimom.Need, nourishing cosmetics.However, it is busily and expensive.Kosmetikagrim - the line of least resistance.Right this second effect is achieved, and then - the deluge.But kosmetikagrim - a "plaster".It clogs the pores and skin poisons, and the whole body.

Many women eat a lot, and not eat -tugoplavkie animal fats and cholesterol.But he postponed to the vessel walls, which gives a general arteriosclerosis, which also does not paint the whole, but in particular suffers from the skin: it becomes less elastic.Fats come out through the pores in the form of acne, which smeared the outside creams (also with the same refractory fats).Well, plus general obesity with increased weight and excess folds.Consider whether the position will save liposuction or exhausting diet?Only for a while.In this case, let's face it, for a short time.

Smoking.Nicotine - vascular poison.Narrows arterioles of the skin.The skin of this rapidly aging, covered with small wrinkles.A smoky smell of the mouth ... This is not no deodorant perebesh ...

immobility ... also makes a contribution disfiguring.

In addition, such a paradox.Kosmetikoygrimom wife is trying to improve, albeit for a short time, her appearance for strangers.But in front of her husband, she usually appears discolored after bath cream p in curlers.It turns out that