Madagascar Nepenthes

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Carnivorous Flowers

Nepenthes madagascariensis

Most often it is a woody vine or stalk poluodrevesnevayuschim.Stems thin, long, scrambling naturally on the trunks of trees adjacent to the light using thin cirriform petioles.At the same time, some Nepenthes species typical epiphytes with roots hanging down, while others are terrestrial life and their jugs traps lie on the ground.

Nepenthes different original form of leaves - traps, petioles which become flat shape and perform photosynthesis.The upper part of the stem turns into a thin mustache, ending pitcher.In order to pitcher did not get water on its inlet located upper lobe of the leaf blade, which acts as "umbrella."

shape and color of jugs in different species of Nepenthes surprisingly diverse.Jugs can be bright, painted in red, matte white with scattered specks of contrasting, light green with a purple tone pattern.They can reach a length of 25-30 cm, and in some species in nature to half a meter, and the amount of digestive juice in them reaches 1-2 liters.Along w

ith hunting leaves of plants and develop regular - regular, large, oblong-drawn with elongated tip and the convex leaf midrib.Plant height of 30 to 70 cm, leaf length -. 20 to 50 cm

Nepenthes flowers are inconspicuous, small, clustered in the narrow racemose or paniculate inflorescences.

mechanism "capture" insects Nepenthes in a fairly simple, but it has its own peculiarities.On the edge of the jug placed striated thickening, emit a sweet juice, which attracts many rainforest inhabitants.However, fall into the trap only insects, which do not prevent acute and long hair sticking out on the edges of the blade - "Umbrella".Tiny waxy scales located on the rim of the jug, stick to the legs of insects, and they like to skate, slide on the walls of the jug to the bottom right in the liquid with digestive enzymes.To insects without hurting glands, are covered by a small dome on top.

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