August 12, 2017 17:51 | Beauty Woman

choosing, pay attention to how much alcohol they contain additives.The more, the more suffer hair.Try to buy funds without these components or a minimum number of them.

Moussa (foam) - a classic hair fixers.They come in different fixation: superstrong, super strong, strong, normal and average.They are applied before laying - only a comb on wet hair from root to tip.Note that when an excess of mousse hair will look dull and dried them foam begins to crumble, as powder.Pieces the size of a tennis ball is enough for hairstyles up to the chin.Mousses and foams are also used to form curls and ringlets.

Gels - this is a very strong styling, but their use hair may look tough.Gels are applied to damp hair before the final blow-drying or air.They, too, are divided on the degree of fixation, based on the specific weather and the effect we want to achieve.To lift the hair from the roots and prevent them to fall under its own weight, the bulk of the gel mass, apply at the roots, rubbed his fingertips.Then, comb a

small amount spread over the length of the hair.

gels suitable for waves and give hair extra volume proper installation.

When hair is dry, the gel should be combed with a brush.

lipstick, wax, styling cream is applied to dried hair, to put and separate the individual strands to make them shine, to achieve the effect of wet hair.However, the volume hairstyles decreases.Therefore, these funds are more suitable for coarse hair that well keep a predetermined shape.

Lipsticks give particularly high gloss wax - more gentle.Cream gently divide hair into strands, giving the hair a natural look.

These funds need to rub between your fingers, then apply to dry hair in whole or only at the tips and model the desired shape.

Hair spray is needed to secure the installation.Spray paint on wet hair, you can simplify the process of drying and curling.Hairstyle will acquire the desired shape.Try to apply the paint closer to the roots, then it will fix the styling more effectively.Just do not overdo it, otherwise the color will "slam" of varnish, and it now is not fashionable.Before use, spray with a paint stir and apply a thin layer of lacquer from a distance of about 30 cm.

If the hair styling you used a large amount of mousse, gel or varnish, it is desirable to wash your hair at night.Wash your hair carefully to remove all remnants of paving products, otherwise the hair will lose their natural shine.Avoid these funds to the scalp.