Clerodendrum ( clerodendrum )

family Verbenaceae.Rhode klerodendron.Natural climatic conditions: tropical Asia and Africa.

Klerodendron gorgeous * Curling lianopodobnoe plant, the leaves are opposite, oblong-oval, harsh, inflorescence - panicle (axillary) of 30-40 flowers, small flowers, red, pipe with protruding stamens.It blooms in February and October.Klerodendron fragrant (wild geranium) ♦ A small shrub of wide leaves, the edges - toothed, soft, slightly pubescent;inflorescence - apical plate, double flowers, bright red or pinkish-white, fragrant.Flowers in June - August.Klerodendron false * Evergreen shrub leaves on long petioles, rounded-triangular, slightly pubescent;inflorescence - plate (20 cm diameter), red flowers, larger (up to 2.5 cm in diameter).Flowering in March - April.Klerodendron Thompson (Ms. Thompson) ♦ Liana (climbing shrub), leaves ovate or oval, shiny, grooved along the veins, bright green;inflorescence terminal or axillary, racemose, flowers contrasting red and white corolla cup.All kinds of quite distin

ct partial period of rest, accompanied by shedding of the leaves.

requirement to moisture: abundant watering (for foodstuff dries out too may lose leaves), in a period of rest (usually Nov-Dec) moderates.

Temperature: all species (except rest period), the temperature should not drop below 16 ° C, for a period of rest is enough 10 - 12 ° C.When rooting cuttings temperature should be higher (not lower than 20 ° C).

Light mode: preferably a bright diffused light.

requirement to soil: optimum blend of derpopoy land, leaf and humus of the earth and sand in equal proportions.

Reproduction: dividing the bush (bush form) and cuttings (preferably with the use of phytohormones).

Features require pinching and pruning for better branching.Transplanting and division of the bush must be carried out carefully, the root system is very sensitive to mechanical damage.