Who is the initiator of the divorce ?

So far, we have examined the causes of destabilization and disintegration of the couple, so to say, symmetrically with respect to one another.The illusion of mutual evaluation, the illusion of comparative assessment and the illusion of self - like a husband to his wife, and the wife toward her husband.But then the initiative husbands and wives divorced initiative should be the same.As yet we are told dry figures?

68% of divorces, initiated by wives, husbands and 32%

That is, women in more than 2 times more initiative in divorce than men.That runs counter to the conventional our ideas.Myto believed that the woman - the keeper of the hearth, and here a paradox

According to another researcher, Lubov Chuyko initiative men in divorce begins to prevail only after 50letnego age.

third material (according to the registry offices): 40% of divorces marriage experience - not more than three years.To speculate on the basis of these "statistics".Three years - this is one-seventh of the marriage time, sufficie

nt to fulfill the parental role - raised children up to 20 years, well, okay - dispersed."Oh well," as you know - I'm so,

to cool passions.But let's take the head tsifir said: this one-seventh of what would be a normal marriage time there is more than one third of all divorces.Once again, in a seventh - more than one third ... But in general, women's initiative - in two-thirds of divorces.All this means a very significant thing.Initiative divorce show is the young wife (read: without sufficient life experience).Teen, I tell pootecheski, silly.And men, it turns out, bred to resist.

have revealed law is, of course, psychological causes.Once in the classroom, I asked the question about the causes, choir of women's voices immediately found the answer:

- Women file for divorce, but men are guilty ...

Well, it happens that men are to blame.But the reasons for this is much more complicated.

braced for difficult in terms of understanding the conversation.And carefully, step by step, to untangle the reasons that men are less likely to file for divorce, and especially at a young age.

But why women are more nimble in this regard?

first to report that when I asked an audience question about the likelihood of remarriage for women and men, it did not get the correct answer.But the data of Professor Volkov in Moscow in the seventies - eighties as follows: