Genliseya violet

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Carnivorous Flowers

Genlisea violaceae

Genlisei usually are.terrestrial life.This rootless perennial herbaceous plant with lots of green, rounded or oval leaves up to 20 cm long and 9 cm wide, forming a nearly flat rosette.Below normal under these photosynthesizing leaves emerge leaves trap arranged quite difficult.

Perhaps the most interesting in genlisei mechanism of trapping the victims.In some species the traps are formed separately from vegetative leaves, penetrate deep into the soil, sometimes up to 25 sm. rather long narrow tube has thickened, resembling a small bulb, after the tube is divided into two helically twisted process, which opens the entrance to the thin slit.The inner walls are covered with bristles that make a sacrifice to move toward one another to thickening.Inside it is also, and digestive enzymes.

have genlisei unusually showy flowers, small, developing on a long stalk - up to 15 cm tall.In form they resemble a butterfly and painted in pink and purple, purple, sometimes deep blue color.

Courtship.Genlisee requires a bright diffused light, without direct sunlight.The duration of the light period of the day - not less than 14 hours throughout the year.When grown in the recommended lighting paludarium using four fluorescent lamps.

Day temperature - 20-25 ° C night - 15-20 ° C.Humidity - at least 80-90%.

biggest problems arise when watering.Some authors recommend radical way: put the plant pot with a larger diameter vessel with water so that at all times the substrate surface with a thin layer of water.Others believe that this level is to create a 2 3 times a week, and all the rest of the substrate must be kept moist.Autumn and winter the water level in the outer vessel reduces, so that it was not higher than 1/4 of the height of the pot.

as substrate a mixture of peat soil and sand in the ratio 4: 1.

genliseyu propagated by leaf cuttings mostly, sometimes used for this purpose of the traps.