Advantages continued shortcomings .

In humans, loud voice.The chamber atmosphere is tolerated by many people with difficulty - lack.But it also gives an opportunity to a person to lecture without a microphone - dignity.My wife is not very well suggests the house cleanliness - lack;but it excites the child's development, which she reads books more of those moms who suggest purity - dignity.

All this can be summarized as gnomic:

TO does not disappoint, do not fascinate.

This is said not to be witty.It is necessary to realize that the new version of the marriage will be all the same, the proportions in the ratio of the strengths and weaknesses will remain approximately the same

.Although, so to speak, the qualitative composition will be a little different.Realizing this more often with experience in brakahrazvodah.On it are squandered most of his life.It is useful here to recall the dictum attributed to the Iron Chancellor Bismarck: Only fools learn only from their own mistakes.Yes, the smart learn not only from their own mistakes, but t

he mistakes of friends, the experience of literary characters, from the experience of others, generalized psychologists.The only study these mistakes of others - troublesome.Error history - even more troublesome and tragic.It seems it was enough to Robespierre, did not appear to LeninStalin ... And many revolutionaries seemed to know that a revolution devours its children.Great pisatelfilosofsotsiologpsiholog Anatole France's novel "Gods crave" also warned of the same.France was not revolutionary - contemplative, and more ... But how might contemplate, yet at least on a personal level, you can learn from the mistakes of others ..

I call for this?.And I advise pochestnomu treat their fate and the fate of those whom you have "tamed", which means, according to another great pisatelyafilosofasotsiologapsihologagumanista - Antoine de SentEkzyuperi, you are responsible for them.

premarital intercourse, in my opinion, it would be necessary to spend not only on sexual pleasures (though here, too, opened the pros and cons).But the detailed interviews with each other on important life topics.For example, it would be good to talk about how many children should be in the family, how to allocate future family budget, where to spend their vacation ... There are all important for the future life together, for example, prioritize the acquisition of knowledge.Or purchases ...

When we discussed curves fascination and frustration, meaning the bride and groom, husband and wife, father and mother ... But such laws and mutual learning vzaimootsenok people observed in the interpersonal relationships of friends, colleagues, mother in lawGia and "thee, and mother-in-law ... in marriage they are more visible and more relevant.

Do not miss such an important part. Realizing that I unconsciously create my illusory image with a predominance of advantages, it makes sense not to hide inimagine what could be regarded as negative. Worse in fact, if it will reveal in a stormy sea, on which floats a married boat. Therefore it is necessary to examine in themselves these disadvantages. They can be open by ano

Nimni survey of people with whom you are communicating. Ifor other purposes, but regularly spend this anonymous survey in student classrooms. I put in front of their students questions about the clarity of presentation, originality taught material interest in my creative development, the objectivity of my attitude to opponents, tact towards the audience, justice of my claims.Students write their views without fear - I will not, I conduct handwriting analysis.In working with another group of I or me, or inform them survey data (if you consider it inappropriate to change something in their communication with students) and explain their position.That future spouses advise each other to put on notice that if they can for you is crucial to your value orientations, in your opinion, be a stumbling block.For to • Prep minus can be overly sharp rejection of alcoholic beverages.For another - dislike of expensive flowers.And the third - "if I will not give sleep, I bite."

Well, if we have learned about someone close to us something negative for us?How to proceed?

First, remember that other people will be more negative and chemto still have to put up with, to not be alone.And second, we listen to the deep thoughts of the founder Georg Simmel Conflict.He spoke so panoramically on the relationship of close friends that I wrote it separately in large print and placed under glass in a frame.And I advise all to do the same.And even better - to hang in a prominent place, put on the tabs in books or learn by heart.

«People who have a lot in common, often much more bitter and more unjust hurt each other than completely alien.Because of their community - something taken for granted, and therefore it is not, but the fact that at the moment they are different, determines the position of each other.While the general, that is, in their relations, the smallest antagonism becomes more important than between the people strangers.Strangers initially focused on possible differences.From the tragedy of little things, because of which differ quite suited to each other people. "

Given the importance of unconditional statements Georg Simmel, it is necessary to tell yourself the following: