Lantana camara ( Krapivka blossom forever )

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Liana

Lantana camara

Sam.Verbenaceae - Verbenaceae

Homeland -Tropical America.

erect evergreen climbing shrub from 30 to 80 cm, in greenhouses - sometimes up to 3 m, with abundant tsetvyaschiysya 4-sided stem.The leaves are opposite, not large, ovate-oblong, pointed at the top and tapered at the bottom, on the edge serrated or toothed, wrinkled, harsh, deep green in color with a strong aroma of mint or lemon.

small tubular flowers are collected in capitate umbrellas, located in the leaf axils.Painting different: yellow, pink, red, orange, purple.The most famous varieties:

• Sundancer - pure yellow flowers on drooping shoots;

• Miss Huffs different bright yellow-pink flowers, which will eventually become orange in color;

• White dwarf - undersized grade with pure white flowers;

• Greg Grant - flowers on gray-yellow to salmon-pink;

• Samanta striking combination of bright green leaves with a white border and a lemon-yellow flowers.It flowers profusely and continuously lanthanum from May to October.

Courtship.Lantana enough light-requiring, it pritenyayut only from direct sunlight on the south window, but autumn and spring it is best to keep it on the south window.In the summer of regular watering, mild winter, at least the top layer of the substrate dries.With insufficient watering tips of leaves and low humidity become brown and curl.As a substrate, a mixture of turf, leaf, humus soil and sand (2: 1: 0.5: 0.5), or turf, leaf, humus earth (2: 1: 1) with the addition of a small amount of sand, bone or blood meal.. Feed up every 2 weeks with organic fertilizers.Lanthan useful to bear on the balcony or in the garden, put in a pinch regularly aired.In winter, the temperature was lowered to 6-8 ° C in the rooms can successfully overwinter at 14-1b ° C.In spring the plant is cut short to 1/2 length.In young plants pinch out the tops.You can form stam form.

Lanthan amazing spider mites, aphids, whitefly, mealybug.

propagated by cuttings apical semilignified in March.They are rooted in the sand at a temperature of 20-22 ° C.Seeds are sown in February-March.

Lanthan used for vertical landscaping light large spaces.It goes well with pelargonium, fuchsia, heliotrope.