How to shave from the Bermuda Triangle

Intuitively sensing sotsialnopsihologicheskie difficulties arising from divorce, religious pastors tried to counteract them.A ban on the rupture of relations.What is easier: Speak adultery sin, intimidate human torments of hell in the next world - look, "debauchery" and the divorce will be less.And if he forbid divorce - the divorce and generally will not.So it was a Catholic until recently.But we hope, remember the movie "Divorce poitalyanski" with Mastroianni, whose hero to get rid of the hated wife, killed her?"Strengthen" marriage is possible and converting divorce proceedings in purgatory.So it was in Soviet times.Divorce - only through the courts, even if there were no children together.Before the trial, it was necessary to put an ad in the local press so that people can come to court and take a look, and you should experience a shame.Such a taboo in some degree kept people from divorce.But the price is not great right?And whether married people well preserved in this way?Including the children, fo

r the sake of which prohibits divorce?

In my opinion, there is another way.It is necessary not to increase the external forces hinder the divorce, and to enhance the attractiveness of marriage.Reduce the centrifugal forces and centripetal increase.This is possible on the basis of self-knowledge and self-discipline arising from it.

Get out of the Bermuda Triangle love boat is quite capable.But for this, firstly, it is necessary to realize all the patterns described above.They will not be fascinated (then to be disappointed), and relate to the person, adequately assessing and appreciating its pros and cons aware of the inevitable.In other words: can and should be valued by the positive merits.But it makes sense to know in advance that each person, including your spouse, there are features that you seem to be shortcomings.Only for the time being, he does not show them.But when they emerge, let it not be a surprise to you.Well, there are shortcomings, they should be noted for themselves and correlate with previously demonstrated their real virtues.The main thing - to know that's what: