Since different species and genera of palms conditions of detention have many similarities, it is logical to consider them as a single group, marking the individual characteristics of only a few features that distinguish these genera or species from other trees.

Natural climatic conditions (for most trees) - the tropics of Africa.Some species acclimatized in subtropical regions, thus became their secondary subtropical birthplace, but the initial (baseline) conditions left their mark even at the genetic level, for adapting the palms just under tropical conditions is never a mistake.Palm trees - mostly trees, usually not branched, with columnar trunk, but there are acaulescent form.Most often they are tough leaves, leathery, fan-like or feathery flowers * in most cases small and decorative value does not represent.At home palms grow from the nineteenth century.

requirement to moisture in spring and summer - abundant, but rare waterings, during the period of relative calm - mild, over-drying should not be

allowed in any case.If over-drying led to a yellowing of the leaves, the leaves are cut costs, but to strip remained on living tissue dry.Spraying is desirable in summer, winter is enough to wash once a month or even less frequently.It is also desirable increased atmospheric humidity, if under normal irrigation palm leaves begin to turn yellow, the reason is, most likely, in the dry air.

Temperature: palms for optimal temperature of 16 to 22 ° C, slight deviations, many cultural forms suffer no harm.

Light mode: light-loving plants.

requirement to the ground: there are different options, but for the young plants the optimum ground from the turf, leaf humus and land and sand in the ratio 2: 2: 2: 1, as they mature trees increase the share of turf land.

Propagation: seeds which are sown in the ground from the special peat, sand and chopped moss (sphagnum) and grown at heating.

Features: recommended turning to light.Young specimens are transplanted each year, old - every 2 - 3 years, larger, kadochnye instances - every 5 -6 years.Tanks palms should be rather high than wide.

The individual characteristics of genera and species of palm trees will be given only to those features and requirements, which are deviations from the general rules on the palms care.