Essential tremor

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Genetic Diseases

Essential tremor - a disease transmitted in an autosomal dominantnomutipu inheritance, the main symptom is tremor.The incidence of essential tremor in the population is 4-55 cases per 1 000 population aged over 40 years.

first symptoms appear between the ages of 30-60 years.In many families, the disease develops in the same age.Often, however, there is an earlier occurrence of jitter in subsequent generations.Regarding the jitter to the doctor treated, as a rule, only in cases when it interferes with work or becomes visible to outsiders.First shake is weak, is intermittent, appearing at the excitement and physical exertion, then slowly and gradually over several years, it is growing in intensity in the future is more or less stable.There may be periods of relative remission, but completely shake never disappears.Rhythm shake variable, often in the range of 7-10 cycles per second.Trembling expressed by holding postures (postural tremor) and stored, but not amplified when moving.Most often it is localized

in the fingers and hands by the type of flexion-extension, as well as muscles in the neck, which is manifested head oscillates back and forth (jitter type approval "yes").As the progression of the disease may involve the facial muscles, vocal cords, the lower jaw, tongue, and (very rarely) lower limbs.Trembling disappears during sleep, decreases as a distraction, taking alcohol, which is considered a characteristic feature of essential tremor.In some people can not be identified pronounced signs of lesions of the cerebellum and increased muscle tone in the limbs.Symptoms of cerebellar lesions include incoordination, decreased muscle tone, the violation of the right alternation of opposing movements, excessive and disproportionate movements promahivanie when trying to touch the index finger to the tip of the nose with the eyes closed.

diagnosis of essential tremor can be no doubt in the case of the presence of a person following characteristic features:

1) an autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance of the disease;

2) the appearance of the first signs of the disease at the age of 30-60 years;

3) postural tremor, continuing with the movement;

4) the absence of other signs of damage to the nervous system;

5) the absence of structural changes in the brain during a computer and magnetic resonance tomography;

6) positive results in DNA research.

treatment. for the treatment of essential tremor, the following drugs: propranolol (at a dose of 120 mg / day), clonazepam (antelepsin), clonidine (clonidine at a dose of 0.1-0.9 mg a day), or akineton tsiklodol, vitamin B6, nootropics (piracetam, encephabol), sedative (soothing) funds.In any case, this treatment of the disease is assigned only a qualified neurologist after carrying out all necessary investigations.When treatment failure in the event that jitter is sometimes carried out surgical treatment.However, such an operation is extremely complex, because it affects brain structure.In this regard the holding of such treatment is possible only in highly specialized and equipped with the latest technology medical centers.