The need for marriage

Psihologodramaticheskoe story about the family begin, following the tradition, with a section on marriage.Then - a section on relations with children.Of course, you can not shrug off the relationship with the parents of the husband and wife.Next - on the equally important other topics.But this is after all "muzhzhena" system, which I have designated as "WE".

Someone believes that the most important of all - love and its registration in marriage - it is not at all romantic.I am also inclined to think so.At least, the main thing -

relationship, not paper.However, the people voted for the "sanctification", even though the registrar, but the marriage.Well, just - for the marriage.Here are the numbers.Let us not be afraid of them, and try to think about them.In the Soviet Union in the eighties there were 60 million couples, 39 million unmarried women and 9 million unmarried men.For contrast: 60 and 9. But it is unlikely it would be possible to form a further 9 million pairs.Men: Who in prison (women in pri

son less) who are unfit for marriage because of mental illness (women opyattaki less), or because of physical ailments.There are no statistics.But we assume that about six million pairs could occur.But do not arise - not want.Well, that's 6 million suprotiv 60 million.So 90% of people are suitable for marriage - marriage.And let prihodilo3 divorce at 00 marriages.Divorced, married again.So that the essential of marriage extramarital affairs there.

NoNo, do not think that with age I became an incorrigible hypocrite.I think that the time is not only sex are permissible, but also feasible.They, too - love.I think I even paid relationship - not a crime, if they are not connected with criminal pimping.But ... Have you noticed that in movies, even a crime (on the outside) has a family.Because even the thieves want them to have no worse than all.And even better: "I have the best wife, faithful, loving, good mother.""Hero" in Bezrukov 'Brigade "- a nickname

White - by as much as violinist swung.Dropout - and violinist.I compensate for his inferiority complex, and what they are immediately after the registrar ran?Stretching ... And the "boys" their "authority" communal resettled.To him it was like all other people.No, better - and wife and an apartment.

As Salieri believed harmony with algebra, and we will love to believe romanticheskitumannye phenomena psychological laws.Psychology - an infection - it is all over.Including love.Strange but true: in TV shows we are interested in controversial subjects and love us more interesting not syusyukane intimate love and conflict.

All the same type in a few traits that characterize a rozovotumannoe thing as love.Conventionally, we assume that expressed HER (but still).

I do not want to part with it for a minute.If the forced separation - I want to stop it quickly.

distance constantly think about it, talk to him mentally.

• If it is near, then it gives me the joy of living communion with him.

When I'm with him, I want to touch him, to touch, to caress his erogenous zones.I want it like this.I want to and he touched and caressed me and I would like to, I would.

not want anyone else.,

I want he did not want anyone else.

I'm afraid of losing him.

I'm afraid of losing his love.

appreciate him as a person.

think good person.

He looks attractive to me, it is beautiful to me.

And so on and so forth ...

Yes, "Love is composed of a lot of songs," ... It is possible, of course, to sing "one more."Just do it? .. Let them do the poets.And we talked about love, and that's enough.Let's start talking about the best hard what love is exposed to corrosion.And how to protect ...

Well, then: it literally traps the Bermuda Triangle.