Hippeastrum hybrid

family Amaryllidaceae.Rhode gippeastrum.Natural climatic conditions: tropical America.Bulbous perennial, more than half submerged in the ground, with a rounded, slightly elongated bulbs, linear leaves (remnevidnye), up to half a meter, the flower stalks up to 60 cm hollow, unlike the dense from amaryllis.Inflorescence - Umbrella, in which about 6 flowers, up to 20 cm in

diameter each.Many varieties, differing in color and flowering periods.

Very often Hippeastrum in the home mistakenly called Amaryllis.

Abbreviations: RC - early-flowering (January - February);SP - the average period of flowering (March);HRC - late flowering period (April).Varieties: 'Atos' - cherry red flowers, the HRC;"Belin-yes" - red flowers, darker in the middle, up to 19 cm in diameter, SC;"Bouquet" - salmon pink flowers, up to 18 cm in diameter;"Byotiful Lady" - flowers Orange Vato-red, up to 17 cm in diameter, RC;"Dutch Bells" - flowers are pale crimson, up to 21 cm in diameter, RC;"Emperor" - cherry red flowers, up to 20 cm in diameter, SC;"Queen of Sheba" - malinovato red flowers, up to 18 cm in diameter, the HRC;"Maria Goretti" - flowers are white tinged with a salad in the center, up to 20 cm in diameter, SC;"Orange Sun" - flowers are dark red, to 18 it in diameter, SC;"President Kennedy" - orange flowers e lososinovym shade in the middle of a dark-orange, up to 19 cm in diameter, SC;'Rodeo' - deep red flowers with a dark center and 20 cm in diameter, SC;"Self Scarlet" - flowers are bright red with yellow stripes on the edges of the petals, up to 16 cm in diameter, SC;"Strayped" - flowers are cream-colored with longitudinal brick-red stripes down the middle, up to 18 cm in diameter, SC;"Tangier" - orange flowers, darker in the center, up to 17 cm in diameter, RC;"Telstar" - flowers are pale crimson with a dark center, up to 19 cm in diameter, SC;"White Hrietmas" - flowers are white, in the center of green, fragrant, IC;"Fiction" - orange flowers in the center of the green, up to 20 cm in diameter, RC;"Ecstasy" - flowers are pinkish-crimson, up to 18 cm in diameter, SC;"El torero" - red flowers, the HRC;"Apple Blossom" - flowers are pale pink with red dashes in the center, up to 20 cm in diameter, RC and others.The requirement to humidity: prefers sredneobilnye glaze.Temperature: normally feels at room temperature, in a rest period it is better to rearrange in a cool place (about 7 - 9 ° C).

Light regime: in the period of active vegetation behaves like photophilous plant.

requirement to the ground: not particularly fastidious - approach zemlesmes standard.It prefers organic fertilizers (feeding solution).

Propagation: seeds, baby.Subsidiaries bulbs are formed regularly.

Features: it is necessary to strictly observe the rest period: move to a darker place, stop fertilizing and reduce watering.His breaking - a frequent reason for the lack of colors.