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Lilies - special plants including bulbs, they, unlike other bulbous crops, does not grow a new bulb in place of the old one.And because the old, exhausted bulb should recover.We love lily cut to the core, to the flower stalk was longer.Thus, the bulb does not restore his strength and the following summer bloom poorly or even not at all in bloom.To prevent this from happening, DO NOT cut the lilies that have less than five buds.These plants are weak, they have low-power bulb.Give it to gain strength.We kind of oriental lily hybrids that bloom later, in August, the cause of the gradual depletion of the bulbs in the fact that the North-West during this time often rains, and sick leaves botrytis.This fungal disease is not transferred to the flesh, but completely destroys the leaves, so the bulb can not be restored after flowering."Zircon" works fine against botrytis.

To prevent all lilies with the appearance of seedlings on a regular basis, at least 2 times a month, spray "Cubic Zirconia" (2 drops per 1 lit

er of water).And at the first sign of disease, increase the dose of "zircon" to 4-5 drops per 1 liter.Just keep in mind that increasing the dose flowers start to get much more bright and dark color.

The weakest point of lilies - flower bud, it can freeze slightly, and then no blooms you get.Therefore, in the autumn of their need to hide for the winter and covered landing peat by about 12-15 cm, and early spring razokuchit, otherwise they will ascend too quickly, warmed by peat, but at the same time it is necessary to establish an arc of landings and close plants lutrasilom double.Shelter can be removed only after the frost.

most dangerous pest of lilies - lycidae Liliev hoverfly beetle that eats away at the edges of the leaves are round recess, which immediately catches the eye, even if you have not seen the pest.Laying eggs inside the beetle does bud, so the flowers are strongly damaged.As soon noticed the damaged leaves, and even more so to see the most beetle or its larvae on the leaves immediately treat all planting lilies drug "Sonnet" and "Akhtar".These drugs, by the way, are also against the Colorado potato beetle.

Lilies are planted and transplanted in late August.When transplanting dug bulbs are not dried, but only slightly trimmed the roots and immediately transplanted to a new location.Usually seated plant in 5-6 years.Propagated by bulbils-babies, which are formed on the stem in the upper soil layer.Some lilies multiply aerial bulbils, which are formed around the stem.They are also deposited into August.First, the small bulbs are planted in shkolku on Rearing in the end of any vegetable garden beds, and then a couple of years are planted in place.All the agricultural machinery when rearing is the same as for adult bulbs.


review When buying bulbs of lilies, pay attention to whether they can grow in the shade.