Maranta belozhilchataya

Those who do not understand the cause of poor health

Maranta destroys harmful radiation

There are apartments in "bad" seats.Skazhem you comfortably arranged the area, but none of the households in the time it does not hold.We decided to put it the fridge - it broke ... Of course, you can not set, but in the same room at the window in the corner of arrowroot - wonderful.Co time geopathic zone will turn into neutral.

Living in an isolated space, stuffed with furniture made of particleboard, computers and other machinery, is in itself a threat to health.Exhausted nerves, disrupted the cardiovascular system, immunity decreases ... If it is impossible to change the location or circumstances of life come to the aid of the plant.Nature has endowed arrowroot ability to clean the area from hazardous substances and make the atmosphere more healthy.To clean the "dirty" room, a single plant is not enough, because arrowroot are small.It is advisable to have at least two or three copies.

Features care

arrowroot requires partial shade: the strong shading and bright light leaves lose their decorative effect.Plant heat-loving, the temperature drop in winter to 16 ° C can be critical.The main condition for successful growth -high humidity.In a dry room tips of the leaves dry up and curl.Spraying is only possible from the smallest nebulizer, or on the velvety leaves appear whitish spots.It is best to keep a few copies in the pan with a wet expanded clay.

substrate is composed of leaf soil, humus, peat and sand.The mixture is desirable to add pieces of charcoal.Drain must be not less than 1/4 the height of the pot.The surface of an earthen clod cover with sphagnum.

marantaceae family.Rhode arrowroot.

natural climatic conditions: Wet Tropics of Brazil.

perennial tuberous plants;leaves up to 15 cm long, on short petioles, broadly oval or elliptical, bright green above with shapeless brownish spots along the midrib, bottom - grayish-green with a reddish tinge, inflorescence paniculate, flowers small, white.

requirement to moisture: water-loving plants that need heavy watering and artificial increase in atmospheric humidity (better reception - rhizomes cover damp moss) and / or the regular spraying.Cold water can be fatal, it must be heated.

Temperature: for the plant would be ideal permanent residence at an elevated temperature;winter (or at night) it should not fall under 17 ° C.

Light mode: Shade plant.Preferably, northern exposure, on the eastern and western windows, shading is necessary, south - is undesirable.

requirement to the ground: you can use any loose zemlesmesi nutrients, such as sheet, humus and peat land of sand in a ratio of 4: 1: 2: 2 Requires good drainage.

Reproduction: dividing large specimens at the time of transplantation (spring).

Features: it is best to grow in the low wide container.In dry rooms better contain florarii.